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Summoner Spells for Dominion?

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revive could use some toning down to make it in line with other top lane spells but for bottom lane it is a necessary balance point to keep the flow of bottom from being completely one sided from the get go.
i think the real problem is that garrison and exhaust are the only options for your second spell. defensive garrison right now is a little too strong however offensive garrison really doesn't seem to be much of an issue. exhaust completely overshadows ignite on this map though this may also be due to the lack of flash.

to further explain flash pseudo counters exhaust by getting distance from your opponent reducing the impact of exhaust by keeping your opponent away for a large part of its duration. but ignite counters flash by leaving a damage tick on them and healing reduction to keep them from really escaping also the healing reduction aura of the crystal scar means that the ignite effect isn't as needed. therefore since flash is replaced by revive on this map ignite becomes less necessary.

since im on a roll here I'm going to write up a thread of my own on the subject covering every spell