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Pick your Path: Living in the League

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Dear Morgana

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Pick Your Path: Livin’ In the League

Entries are on pages 9, 12, 16/17, 18, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29, 32, 36, 40, 43, 45

Welcome to my humble, original, obviously-not-inspired-by-my-participation-in-belthazor’s-gg-no-re pick your path! I certainly hope to be an entertaining and gracious host on your observation and guidance of the journey of four young people who find themselves, for one reason or another, at the League of Legends. To get started with, here are the rules:

1: All posts (excluding this one) are considered in-character unless denoted by brackets or parenthesis ((like so)).

2. One person, one vote. However, if you have alter egos, their votes count as additional votes in the final tally.
((For example, Shyvana could vote on one post and then vote again as Miss Fortune))

3. Be nice and all that. Swearing is fine, but avoid intentionally offensive language, spamming, or other ****** behavior or you will be disqualified from voting. I’ll post a blacklist of banned people once incident start to crop up.

Now, let’s get on to the real deal!


There are no ‘rolls’ in any of the options. The outcome is determined by written factors (such as having a broken leg, etc.), and not by numbers. Ask if you need more clarification.


Each character has three ‘perks’. While obviously inspired by previous pick your path perks system, they work slightly differently.
For starters, no perk is a flat bonus to rolls, mostly because there are no rolls in this pick your path. Thus, no perk will, for example, give you +2 to all pickpocket-related rolls.

Perks can be gained, upgraded (and lost!) as in other pick your paths. Some characters share perks.


Drawbacks are ‘negative perks’-namely, they handicap your character in some way. Each character starts with three drawbacks, and they can be gained, upgraded, and lost as with perks. Some characters share drawbacks.


Your characters status. This will list things affecting your character (such as being sick, bleeding, current relationships etc), and will be shown on a list at the beginning of each characters entry, below their name and perks. In addition, some status effects will be mentioned in the writing portions.


Each character has a pre-set goal that they will reach, at one point or another, in the story. These goals are their primary reason for visiting the League, and will have a variety of outcomes and varying factors according to player actions. Their goal might change drastically over the course of their journey.


Most characters are not going to the League for the sole purpose of getting with any of the champions. However, even those that aren’t still have romantic options available to them.

If the characters main objective is not romance, then they are able to divert their main goal to pursue it or simply pick up what they can along the way of their main path. Most likely, they will simply approach the League with this person in mind, and will juggle both tasks at once. Successfully pursuing a romance, in this case, will not end the story, though it will significantly affect the remaining portions.
If the characters main objective is romance, than successfully pursuing a romance will begin to wrap the story up.

Once a romance option is chosen, however, it is not set in stone. If it is chosen, the player may venture off of pursuing their initial target (or interest) and find love elsewhere.

Romance is not always sexual pursuit. In the following list, I’ll say which options are sexual interest and which ones are not-and which are both.

The banned options are:

Amumu-Yes, he’s thousands of years old, but it’s still pedophilia.

Annie-No comment.

Brand-He’ll set your love on fire-and your heart, and your hair, and your…

Cho’Gath-You really want to die painfully, don’t you?

Corki-You’re grounded, ace.


Hecarim-You feel like getting trampled to death?

Heimerdinger-Too much work! Brian explodinnnnng!

Karthus-His singing makes your face melt.

Kog’Maw-Adorable as he is, his acid burns. Badly.

Lulu-Going the safe route and assuming that she’s still physically and mentally underage,
despite the whole Rip Van Winkle.

Mordekaiser-Touching him makes you sick. If you want to get with him, you have to touch
him. Derrrrppp.

Nautlilus-Not like he can get out of that suit of armor…

Nocturne-Night terrors suck.

Nunu-Nunu himself is underage, and Willump…yeah, not gonna go there.

Poppy-Diplomacy makes her too serious.

Shaco-I’m not going to say anything, I’m not stupid.

Sion-He’s stinky and…well, dead.

Skarner-Giant purple crystal bugs. ‘Nuff said.


Twitch-Splinter is not amused.

Urgot-A giant sack of organs. Gross.

Xerath-Boom. You’re dust.

Yorick-I love him, but he’s a zombie. Sorry.

Available options




Options available for Female characters:




Dr. Mundo-SC-Mundo…

Draven-SC-Welcome to the League of Draven, ladies.








Jarvan IV-SC





Lee Sin-SC




Master Yi-SC











Talon-SC-Snugglemuffins, I missed you so…



Tryndamere-SC-Yes, he’s available, as suicidal as that is.

Twisted Fate-SC









Xin Zhao-SC



Options available for Male characters:



Ashe-SC-You’re an idiot, but go ahead














Miss Fortune-SC-This one’s for you, Sarah.

Morgana-SC-My, aren’t I just delectable.











Options available for Male and Female characters:



Miss Fortune-SC






While you should show some common sense-not all of the available options (especially for the male champions) are smart choices, don’t be afraid to pick something unusual!

The characters:

And now, we get to the bread and the butter of this post-your playable characters.

All characters are 21 or slightly older.

Female Noxian: Josaline Sederis.

Noxian Source-Mage

Born to the posh upper crust of Noxus, your childhood life was an idyllic affair, except for one thing-you periodically felt what could only be raw energy tugging at your mind. It would happen suddenly-a tiny prickle or crackling across your palms, and an insect buzzing about the room feel down in a tiny fireball. Your parents never seemed to notice these incidents.

Nor were you shocked when the energy-scanners (courtesy of Zaun, meant to detect magically disguised spies) went wild as you entered the military drafting camp. After it was obvious that you weren’t in a disguise, you were herded into the mage barracks until the officials could decide what division you would be placed in. You demonstrated your abilities, and it suddenly occurred to you what might be occurring-perhaps you were sensing nearby fonts of magical energy and using their power. You withheld this information from your superiors, and they placed you in one of the Noxian Artillery squads-groups of mages designed to combine their power to conjure up projectiles of rock and lava to decimate enemy armies before they even engaged. After the ground forces joined, the mages would split up and use their individual magics to aid the army however they could.

You proved to be formidable, both when combined with fellow mages and when off on your own, hurling fireballs at smaller clumps of enemies while avoiding singing your own troops. Your squad served several tours-you even participated in the initial invasion of Ionia when you were 19.

However, you service was not to be. During the Kalamandan incident, your squad was called into action as usual and began the summoning of a meteor to take a chunk out of the opposing camping army.

You were to be betrayed. Halfway through the conjuration, one of the mages halted his channeling, breaking his critical connection to your circle before you had determined the coordinates where the meteor would be summoned. The sky began to redden, and your group looked up to see a pillar of flame spiraling toward your group.

The resulting explosion sent your team flying in all directions-those that were not incinerated by being hit by the eye of the blast. Being on the edge of the circle, you managed to escape death-at a price. As you slammed back-first into the rock, ears ringing and dust swirling across the night sky, you look down to examine yourself.

The fair flesh on your left leg had been charred and burned, a black stick of charcoal from your knees down. You could still feel them, the agony of burnt limbs bumping against sharp stone. Unable to move, you refrained from making a sound, despite the pain-playing dead, in effect. The last thing you saw before darkness claimed you was the traitor, brushing dirt off of his robes as he strode away purposefully, satisfied with himself-for whatever reason. Then, the next thing you knew was waking up in the medical tent, a fresh, shiny silver mechanical limb (again, courtesy of Zuanite technology) where your charred leg was, in the same shape as a human’s lower leg-only steel.

As you lean on your staff and limp across the street, you reflect on your betrayer. There were only two male mages in your squad, and one was much, much taller than your attacker-you did not know him by name, but he had one distinguishing feature-he was in possession of a green and a gray eye. A mage of his caliber has only one place to disappear-the League of Legends, home to all of the magically inclined individuals of Valoran. Whenever you felt through the ley lines in that direction, a nauseating amount of magic reached back out at you, unattainable in its protected state-and power was not what you desired, at least not yet.

No matter what, you will find him. And when you do, no force on Runeterra will keep you from your revenge.


Noxian Ally: Being a citizen of Noxus means you are on better terms with Noxian champions.
Noxian champions treat you better, are more likely to help you, etc.

Fire Magic: You can, with some difficulty, blast out bombs of charred rock at your foes.
A new set of abilities, perhaps with uses outside of combat…

Magic-sense: You seemed to have been born with a keener ability to reach out to the wild magics of the world, though you cannot quite take them for yourself.


Demacian Enemy: Your status as a citizen of Noxus puts you at odds with Demacians.
Demacian champions treat you worse, quicker to attack, etc.

Ionian Enemy: Your (very public) participation in the Ionian campaign makes you an enemy to Ionians.
Ionian champions treat you worse, etc.

Crippled: Your mechanical leg lacks mobility, making you easy to chase and robbing you of some climbing and other acrobatic opportunities.

Male Noxian: Derrick Malak

Noxian General

As the son of a noteworthy general and his noblewoman wife and the heir to a wealthy and prominent family, much was expected of you from a very young age. You were meant to be the next great general of Noxian armies, commanding might forces to decimate Noxus’s enemies.

And you rose to the task, fulfilling all that was expected of you. Toy soldiers held defensive formations as you took advantage of their sedentary nature to command other pieces of plastic to circle around and pin them in place, before destroying the whole lot of them with a satisfied grunt as your father looked on. From those days onward, he knew you were something special.

A few choices words from your father allowed you to skip right past the boot camp and ascend into the Noxian Tactical Academy, a training institute for up-and-coming military minds. Compared to the horror stories you’d heard of with regard to the brutality of the grunt camps, the Academy was surprisingly low-risk. Little in the way of cheating or deceit penetrated this bastion of education, ensuring that the marbled walls stayed dry of metaphorical and literal blood.

You excelled at your classes, repeatedly achieving fantastic scores on simulations and tests. You became known by some of the professors as the ‘Mercy General’, as your tactics in simulations often focused on minimizing friendly causalities-although your obsession with capturing or sparing enemy forces in simulation prompted some concern.

However, nobody thought to ask you what you wanted-and what you wanted was out. You were sick of the stuffy corridors, tight curfews, and constant studying. You wanted some fun, some freedom. You had been cooped up in this school for four years, and age twenty was fast approaching-and your desires were still somewhat adolescent.

Fortunately, your luck was about to change. At the end of your final year, a nameless member of the Noxian High Command appeared at your class’s graduation ceremony-with a special guest in tow. For none other than Cassiopeia herself strode beside the dark figure, clad in a long, green silk gown that split open for her thighs.

The two figures turned to face you, and you watched quietly as the anonymous lord pointed in your direction and whispered into Cassiopeia’s ear. You could clearly see her face beam at his words, and before you knew it, she had blown a kiss in your direction and followed the figure out.

You spent the entire graduation ceremony staring in awe at Cassiopeia-whenever you began to tire of your lechery and began to look away, a quick wink, lip-bite, or flick of her tongue would leave you helplessly groping her with your eyes once more.

You dumbly accepted the diploma of graduation, and the applause that ensured felt muted-all that existed in your world was Cassiopeia’s hourglass figure and gorgeous green eyes.

As the post-graduation party kicked up, you found yourself seized and dragged out of the dance floor. Before you could react, you were thrown into a broom closet and felt full, supple lips closing over your in the red light.

Cassiopeia’s apple-flavored lips curled into a smile against your stunned visage as she reached for your belt buckle and finally introduced you to the world of ***.

You returned home, but managed to find some excuse to leave and visit Cassiopeia many more times again. You managed to foster what could most definitely be called your first relationship with the youngest daughter of House du Couteau-though her attendance to your meetings was spotty on occasion. You understood her state-sponsored promiscuity-in fact, it added kink to your dallying, knowing that you were a continued partner of hers-obviously, your fresh introduction to the sensual realm was achieving the
best results.

One day, she didn’t show up-hardly a surprise. But when the trend continued a second, a third, and then a fourth time-you began to become concerned. What had happened?
You decided to investigate. Almost instantly, you stumbled across critical news-some…illness had befallen Cassiopeia, and she was now not the woman you…knew so well. She had changed physically, though the rumors stopped shy of how exactly. All you knew was that she was at the Institute of War, putting her new appearance to good use.

It crossed your mind that you had vacation time-before you rejoined the military as a commanding general, you had several months leave. Perhaps you could spend that time to travel to the Institute and relax-after all, you had been robbed of such opportunities before, so now might be as good a time as any. And what better place than the League of Legends, where not only Cassiopeia, but easily the most beautiful people on Runeterra could be found?

Life was going to get much, much better.


Noxian Ally: Being a citizen of Noxus means you are on better terms with Noxian champions.
Noxian champions treat you better, are more likely to help you, etc.

Smooth Talker: Your silver tongue has proven to be quite capable when you need it for…persuasive reasons.
You are better at convincing people, though this is not a bonus to a roll.

Tactical Prowess
: You have a knack for formulating quick plans and tricks for overcoming unconventional situations.


Demacian Enemy: Your status as a citizen of Noxus puts you at odds with Demacians.
Demacian champions treat you worse, quicker to attack, etc.

Pampered: Being used to constant meals and sleep, you require food and rest significantly more often than some other people.
If this is ignored, new drawbacks may pop up until the required tasks have been accomplished.

Frailty: Because you never quite joined the grunt work of the army, your body is weaker than other soldiers in melee combat.
You’re more vulnerable to pain, and have fewer options available to you when battling with melee.

Female Demacian: Bethany Shan

Demacian Guardswoman

Traditionally, your family’s women have been politicians, working on the Demacian Council for the political stability of the city-state. Your lineage’s quiet loyalty to Demacia-they tended to avoid such drastic measures that the Crownguards went through with to maintain favor with the Royal House-has rewarded them consistently-the Lightshields do not forget their allies, and you grew up in delicate prosperity.

However, the surplus of adoration and care you received (being the only girl out of one set of quadruplets) did not reflect your inner sentiments. When schooling came, you rejected the weaving, cooking, and speaking classes, instead honing your focus down into one area-honing yourself to defend what you believed in. You shunned the talk-heavy classes, concerned for your sanity if you spent too long cooped up at a desk, and instead trained relentlessly in the practice grounds. You were never satisfied with yourself. You could always make that one sword thrust a little more natural, that one block a little less staggering. However, with your sharp form came a sharp mind-your free spirit began to reflect in your wild thinking.

Sure, you recited the Measured Tread well enough, but you never truly took that kind of message to heart. However, you kept yourself from treasonous thoughts-even if you didn’t consider yourself indoctrinated into mindlessly repeating such doctrine, you still wished to defend your country. You just felt that perhaps you might not wish to do it the usual manner.

Of course, your family opposed your decision. Wasn’t it dangerous?

Certainly less dangerous than remaining in the military.

Wasn’t it disloyal to your family’s lineage?

The lineage of protecting Demacia? You were still doing it, just in a different way.

Wasn’t it ‘unladylike’?

Whenever that question came up, you grinned and flexed a bicep.

How was that a problem, exactly?

And thus, you decided to become a city guard. All of that time standing around in heavy armor (plus your intense regime when you returned to the barracks) kept you fit, and being sedentary gave you time to think.

You weren’t sure how you could contain your thoughts. You felt like you would just about burst if you didn’t let out everything you believed about Demacia into the world.
How could the draft system be different? Could this sentence be lighter? Why not establish trading routes with Bandle city’s geniuses?

Your solution to your inner tumoil?

Harder work. Longer hours. More exercise. Instead of thinking too much, you moved to ponder less. And your attitude began to reflect it.

You became quicker to anger, quicker to snap or strike at the pickpocket or jaywalker.
Your superiors began to become nervous of your temper, and politely suggested that you take a small vacation to ‘keep yourself from overworking. You cannot serve Demacia if you break your limits.’

You smile at the memory. Now you had free time on your hands-you were thinking, and it was easier for you to think clearly.

You knew what you believed-you were an independent, free thinker in Demacia, if that could exist. You would serve your country, but you would never become the drone that was expected of you. And so you decided on the League of Legends as your vacation destination. Your steady head reminded you that you could afford to think, to relax in this place.

And perhaps you might be able to have some fun in your time off. Who knows?

They certainly won’t miss you if you decide to never come back.


Demacian Ally: Being a citizen of Demacia means you are on better terms with Demacian champions.
Demacian champions treat you better, are more likely to help you, etc.

Observance: Long hours observing every passerby on the streets has given you a knack for observing elusive details, and your memory has remarkable longevity.
Can notice and remember more about people than others might expect.

Stoicism: You possess remarkable tolerance for pain, courtesy of your training, days in heavy armor, and time spent in complete silence.


Noxian Enemy: Your status as a citizen of Demacia puts you at odds with Noxians
Noxian champions treat you worse, quicker to attack, etc.

Rugged honesty
: Military doctrine and force of habit have made you completely repulsed by the idea of misleading anyone, no matter how idiotic it may be.
You are unable to lie or withhold information.

Butch: Your hands are used to handling heavy weapons, not doing gentle or ‘ladylike’ tasks. Attempting anything requiring delicate hands will not end well.

Male Demacian: Nicholas Drake

Demacian dog-trainer

Orphaned at a young age (the consequence of having two parents in the military), you were placed in a communal foster home overseen by a kind young couple with three other children (all girls), only one of which was their own. They treated you all equally, never preferring their own daughter-and she never displayed jealousy of her foster siblings.

However, you tended to shun family gatherings and didn’t speak much when you did attend them, instead preferring a different sort of company-the family dog. A great white Labrador with a blocky head and stocky, hunched posture, the kindly creature was your constant companion through the years-despite being surrounded by people, he was your only true friend through your grief.

Eventually, your foster parents became concerned at your sequestering, as your eighteenth birthday was fast approaching and you would soon be drafted into the military.

Without much social experience, they were worried that you wouldn’t take the sudden shift into a hyper social environment well.

A few days before the grand event, your family happened to be on a walk outside the city limits, near the forest, when a loud cry reached your group’s ears. Quickly rushing in its direction, you happened across a young deer, dead and about to be butchered by two wolves.

Quickly, your parents herded your sisters away, aiming to avoid exposing you to the carnage, but you were seized by a sudden fire. You didn’t spend much time with your sisters, but you didn’t wish for them to have the see this necessary brutality. Breaking free of the group your parents had erected, you rushed towards the wolves and barked out a stop command. Immediately, two pairs of golden eyes glared back at you, and your parents cried out, certain that you were about to be pounced on.

But you held your ground, meeting their gaze. Brown stared down amber until at last, the two great beasts tipped their heads, grasped the deer’s carcass by the neck, and dragged it out of sight, where feeding sounds could be heard shortly thereafter.

Your parents, recovering from their shock, knew that you were something special. A quick discussion with recruitment officials and a display of your disciplinary talents freed you from your military obligations if you trained dogs for the state-whether for war, illegal substances, or guarding was up to you.

You spent the next few years comfortably instilling yourself as the leader of the pack and canine medic-though you kept yourself in isolation. Not much of your personality has changed.

At the suggestion of your foster mother-who’s kept in constant contact with you over the years you’ve been working-you decide, with some reluctance, to travel to the League with your permanent canine companions in tow for the purpose of shifting your businesss away from Demacia-you are abhorred by their indifference towards your precious canines.

Seeing as how you dislike Demacia’s consistent exploitation of your dogs, you figure that perhaps another city-state (or even the League) might be a better choice-and the League will be the perfect place for finding new partners and a new location.


Demacian Ally: Being a citizen of Demacia means you are on better terms with Demacian champions.
Demacian champions treat you better, are more likely to help you, etc.

Leader of the pack: Your dogs follow you almost everywhere, and are a mere whistle away if they’re not. You can currently call two at a time.
Calling your dogs gives you allies in combat and searching. Their training ensures they’ll do what is asked.

Medical expertise: All of your time spent healing injured canines (and other animals) has given you extensive knowledge of even non-animal medical techniques and how to best use them.


Noxian Enemy: Your status as a citizen of Demacia puts you at odds with Noxians
Noxian champions treat you worse, quicker to attack, etc.

Social awkwardness: Because you tend to speak to dogs more than people, you aren’t very well versed in the art of human interaction.
Expect some derpy/shy dialogue as well as failures to communicate.

Chronic animal hero syndrome: You are unable to ignore any animal in need of help, no matter how inconvenient, suicidal, or otherwise idiotic stopping to aid them is.
And now, let the voting begin! Choose one love interest for each character from the list!

The Male Demacian and Female Noxian also have the option of not looking for romance. If you wish to vote for this, simply state so in your vote with a ‘No romance’ next to that person’s name in your voting post.

Thank you all very much for your support! If any characters seem overpowered, or you think anything needs changing, don’t hesitate to tell me!

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Ask the Megling

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((How is a relationship with Tristy NON-sexual? ))

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((Tristana in the game seems to have the mental age of a 11 year old obsessed with a cannon.
I don't quite get it... do we control the characters personally or just vote on what they do?))

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Ask Mad Chemist

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((Pantheon Bi XD))
((Draven should be Bi he does everything....with style))

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Dear Morgana

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((It's modeled after the other pick your paths-so you vote on what the characters will do with the options I'll give you as the story progresses.))

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Dear Morgana

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((Maybe I'm just being impatient, but lack of replies makes me the saddest of angels.))

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((WAIT WAIT WAIT Veigar is a option? ..........Thats werid....))

Edit: ((Anyways if I find time I will vote))

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((I wonder if people are just scarce or busy with other stuff. School's coming up too so....I am willing to do this if a few others join as well.))

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Ask Mad Chemist

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((I'm in but it will take a while to read the wall of thext))

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I'll try to start.
Nick Drake: Sejuani
Josaline Sederis: No Romance
Bethany Shan: Pantheon
Derrick Malek: Morgana(or abstain, you choose)