Let's be Friends!

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Hello summoners my name is Ed and I want to tell you all my story. I've played League of Legends since Season 2 and have always loved Amumu since I first played him. I'm just a 17 year old who loves league. I always liked Amumu because I feel like I relate to him and he's fun of course. I pretty much have no friends, nobody to share my league experiences with besides my in game friends and one other person but I'll tell you about him in the story.

When I was just a baby I lost my older brother Al. My parents pretty much refuse to talk about him so I don't really know how he died. All I can think about is how great it would be to have an older brother, someone to talk to, a friend....

I share the same strong curiosity as Amumu. Amumu wants to know about his family, I want to know about my brother. Ever since I read Amumu's lore I felt a connection with this champ. Almost like I'm meant to play him and even more so when I hit platinum with Amumu early Season 3. I've been stuck in Platinum V for a long time though.

I remember sleeping the night I hit platinum and I had a strange dream. In the dream I saw a small boy crying in a corner, the boy looked up at me and he had no eyes.....and he just let out a scream that caused me to wake quickly. The next day I jumped right into ranked after a ****ty day of school. Something weird happened though, Amumu said something different....he said, "Remember me?"

I asked my team and the enemy team if they've ever heard that. All of them just assumed I was trolling and didn't take me seriously. I stopped caring though, it was a great night of ranked and I finally had gotten out of Platinum V and moved onto Plat IV. I slept really happy that night until the dream hit me again.

I woke in the dream and I felt like I was being strangled, I was covered in all these tattered rags. When I looked up I just saw the boy eyeless face again and he let out a scream that once again woke me.

I woke up to see my window openned and in the moonlight I saw a young boy, eyeless, missing hair with dry rotting skin. The boy said to me, "remember me?" and once again let out a crying scream, everything went black.

I felt like this was all actually just a huge dream but I began to see him more and more regularly. In my dreams and in real life. I finally asked, "Al?!" the boy looked at me and smiled and he slowly disappeared.

I felt scared, I didn't want to tell my parents because I was so afraid that I was losing my mind. Every single day I saw him, he always watched me play League. Eventually I grew used to him and I would tell him about my League experiences.

He never really replied, just gave me a small giggle and shares some of his candy with me. Everything started to feel normal to me. I feel really happy that I'm getting a chance to tell my story.

My parents found out about Al but it's great, they accept him and we even have our own room together. Every night Al wraps his rags around my arms and body and tucks me in. Finally someone to talk to, someone to call friend.