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The Mysteries of Runeterra (Through the voice of Timeseeker, the Summoner)

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Xenotime Gaze

Senior Member


While going over the Lore for some of the characters i noticed some loose ends that i feel that, if rectified, could form the basis for more characters, more lore, and, consequently, more mysteries. As such, i've decided that my first post within the Lore forums would contain the mysteries and speculations of this humble and inquisitive summoner. If any of the higher ups wish to clarify on but a few of these great mysteries, i would greatly appreciate the honor. Now, on to the the Mysteries.
(Note: i have categorized the mysteries to allow for ease of reading.)

Category #1 - The Enigmatic Objects from Antiquity

Mystery A: Ezreal's Amulet

Known info: The ancient artifact was found while exploring the pyramids of the great Shurima desert. It possesses great power over an unknown kind of magic which allows the wielder to shape magical energies at will. It is attuned to summoning magic, and can call forth the user through summoning magics.

Enigma: The amulet's size indicates that it was created for a being much larger than the average Runeterran, indicating the existence of beings either lost to antiquity or so uncommon as to be forgotten in light of the recent and terrible rune wars.

Speculation 1: Obviously both the artifact and its location suggest a civilization that was both ancient and powerful. For a nation to possess such a high proficiency in both magic and techmaturgy to create such a powerful amulet indicates their intelligence. For such an intelligent and obviously powerful nation to die out entirely is unthinkable. A remnant, be it an isolated viliage or wandering group of non-human nomads, may exist, and it is likely that the posterity of such a great civilization surely lives among us in this day and age. If this is true, and one of them would come among us, the knowledge they would bring could be a great asset to both the League and all the nations associated.

Mystery B: Sona's 'etwahl'

Known facts: Sona was found with the instrument and regardless of how many times it was separated from her, it always came back mysteriously or through a series of strange circumstances. When Lestara Buvelle came to see the mysterious instrument she bought it and adopted the girl. Through her teachings, Sona now is a master of music and uses it's power to control and alter emotions to her liking.

Enigma: The origins of Sona, the instrument, and Lestara Buvelle's knowledge of both are still great mysteries. Also, the fact that the instrument seems able to sustain itself in midair is also a mystery. It is also unclear whether the power to control emotions is harnessed in the etwahl itself with Sona as the player, Sona with the instrument as a catalyst, or the two working at tandem with each other to create the powerful and emotive music that captures the heart of all who hear it.

Speculation 1: Lestara Buvelle seemed to know quite a lot about how to handle the situation when she saw the instrument. It is likely that either the knowledge of Sona's origins lies with her, or that she herself possessed Sona's powers at one point. In any case, the key to understanding the whole affair lies with her.

Speculation 2: Although unlikely, there is a possibility that Sona herself is a physical manifestation of the etwahl, similar to the ancient legends of Dryads being the physical manifestation of the tree in which they live. If so, the mystery of her origins is heightened considerably, making her an entity the likes of which the world has never seen before. it would also explain her muteness and her extreme proficiency with the instrument.

Speculation 3: Even less likely, the etwahl itself may be another artifact from the ancient civilizations of the Shurima desert. due to the circumstances, this is possible but also highly improbable.

Category #2 Unknown people groups

Mystery A - The fall of Urtistan

Known Facts: Urtistan was also a great city state on par with the present day powerhouses of Demacia and Noxus. However, from what was known of the city, it was prone to solving its problems in as peaceful a process as possible, and during the last rune war, Chronokeeper Zilean was tasked to find a way to look into the future and help his people find a way to solve their conflicts. During his period of temporal stasis, however, the city was attacked by an army of unknown origin.

Enigma: The unknown army was able to take down the great city in a short amount of time. How they were able to do this is unknown, as the only know survivor was in a compromised state at the time.

Speculation 1: This army may have been from an hitherto unknown city which also lies below the great barrier. Unfortunately, very few have ventured in large portions of that area of the world due to the many dangers that lurk there.

Speculation 2: There is a second possibility that, as their power was so enormous, the army's origins are tied with the ancient empire that created the Shurima Pyramids. if so, they may be far more dangerous than has been recorded.

Speculation 3: There is a distinct possiblity, though highly improbable, that the unknown army was the remnants of the humans from the icathian civilization although such things cannot be truely proven effectively.

Mystery B: The Attack on Mogron pass by unknown forces
(To be added soon)

Category #3 - Icathia

Mystery A - The Voice of the Void
(To be added soon)

Mystery B - Icathian civilization
(To be added soon)

Mystery C - Kassadin's origins
(To be added soon)

Mystery D - Kog'maw's father?
(To be added soon)

Category #4 - The shadow Isles

Mystery A - Lack of knowledge
(To be added soon)

Category #5 - Political unknowns

Mystery A - Bandle city not an official League city
(To be added soon)

Mystery B - Piltover vs. Zaun
(To be added soon)

Mystery C - Ionian unity in division?
(To be added soon)

That's all for now, its late where i live. :/ i'll be finishing this tomorrow so fire away those comments! i'll be looking forward to them! xD