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Soraka build?

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I usually build mana crystal>catalyst>RoA>Mercury Treads (90% of the time, Tabi other 10)>Aegis> then either Frozen Heart, Rylais, or both if the game goes super long.

I've tried an Innervating Locket/Archangels Staff build before and while it allows the "never-ending push" I'm not a huge fan of this strategy. If you're pretty much constantly pushing one lane then your opponents always know where to find you and will eventually be able to out maneuver you. Also while you're still reasonably tough you don't reach the "nigh unkillable" status afforded by a more tanky build.

With my build I like to lane with a ganker, someone who farms champions more than minions. This allows me to starcall for a ton of money while simultaneously harassing the enemy to set up easier ganks for my lanemate. I go Q,E,Q,W for my starting skills, I usually play heal so I can put off getting my heal until lvl 4. I try to buy both catalyst and basic boots with my first trip back and then farm to RoA before going back again. With catalyst and her natural awesomeness Soraka can stay in a lane pretty much forever. After the Rod and better boots Aegis is usually my next step, I'm starting to think about leaving my lane/have already pushed down the first tower by now and that means my new job is winning teamfights. If you've got Aegis by the time the first 5 on 5 happens your team should win easily. Aegis, combined with your natural MR aura, the MR reducing effect of starcalls, and a couple of AoE heals should put you over the top if levels are anywhere close to even. Once you've won your first teamfight, push the nearest tower, bp, rinse, repeat.

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The only proper build for soraka is a support build: locket / mercury / shroud. If you want to go AP pick another champion, dont screw up the godly support potential of soraka...