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Cassiopeia or Ahri?

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Any final words on this matter?

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I have both

by no means am I a good or skillful player.

I'd thought you might want the insight of a noob on each champion.

Ahri - If you're like me and doesn't have good map/game awareness you want to start off with Ahri. She is slightly hard to gank after level 3 and hard to gank after level 6. Before level 3 you just have to be a bit more passive and use Q to farm instead of harass.

To play Ahri, I suggest people should have 2 very specific skills: one is to know how to use Flash and the other is to know when to use a skill shot. Her ulti is like using Flash so if you know where, when, and how to use flash really well it helps a lot. Her Charm can be deadly so knowing when to use it, and aiming it properly is essential. I see people just tossing it randomly or into minions and not having it ready when it is needed.

Cass - Cass requires a bit more skill to use as most people have suggested. To me you need to be quite aggressive with Cass. If you like aggressive Champs then she is pretty fun and tough to play against.

As for what I think is needed to play Cass really one thing: Learn how to quick cast. That is when you hold Shift and put the cursor over your target. This not only will help you use your E skill but as well let you get better at your Q skill.

that's my two cents...remember I'm a noob so if you're a newbie like me then hopefully what i've said was of some help.

If you can..save up and get both. You won't regret it at all

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General rule is always: try them before you buy them. A champion might be good in mechanics, but you need to make sure that you will like playing them.

Ahri is a lot of fun to play. With her ulti, she can pull off some amazing plays. Charm works well, when you can land it. The true damage on Q is also very nice.

Cassio is a very strong damage-dealer, and her ulti can be a game-changer. However, she does require a somewhat different approach to play when compared to your standard array of AP mages.

There is a learning curve for both of them, so as they say, caveat emptor.

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Anna Sachae:
I'm an avid player of both Cass and Ahri. Love them both. Honestly, I would buy both (because I did).

Ahri is easier, no doubt. She's more mobile, much more assassin-y. Her harass is good, but only if you can aim it well. Her sustain is good enough, though it requires you to sacrifice mana for HP which really doesn't help as much as it sounds. Much better lategame, when you have a reliable mana battery. Her charm is spectacular for ganks and breaking stalemates lategame. Her ulti has so many uses I can't list them all here. Escaping ganks, stealing kills from the middle of their team, repositioning in a teamfight...list goes on and on.

Cassiopeia actually has an easier early game, if your aim is good. There is no mid that's better at harassing - low cooldown, long range, high damage, moderate area poke that she can use almost constantly at very little expense. However, she's also much harder. If you get her timing down (smartcast E, good aim with Q, and tap E like crazy) her damage is as good as an AD carry...only it's magic damage. The ulti is tricky, but it can turn around entire teamfights if you use it right.

If you're worried about screwing up and your team yelling at you, Ahri. If you're confident in your aim, timing, and positioning, Cass will provide more for the team. Both are incredible champions, though, and they're my two favorites. <3

This man said it better than I could hope to. I play Cass, Ahri, Grag, Morg, and Malz myself and given the option I would always play Cass but since I'm normally 1st pick I find that it's usually safer to play Malz.