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Guides to Top solo and champions?

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Currently in a match with me and my friends, I'm usually booted from playing a bottom lane, Nunu to top lane Wukong. I honestly don't do very good, and would just like to see what some of you guys think about top lane in general.

EX: How should I play it? Should I got offensive or defensive? What champion is best for top lane fighter?

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I love top lane with Wukong. Are you building him right? I see a lot of people maxing/choosing Crushing blow first, which imo is bad. Nimbus is a lot better because it's longer range, multiple enemies hit and you rush in. Also don't make Wukong into high attack spd, he is more useful with high AD kicking ass.
Nunu on the other hand I have no idea how to play lol. I've never played him. Good top lane champions are Wukong or Riven. Wukong is really fun to play. Riven is manaless so there's a plus. These 2 are usually soloing top lane. There are plenty of good top laners. The most crazy I've seen is Teemo. He is quick and ranged. Once he is fed and gets his attk spd up and AD up he will destroy.