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Quick Guide to Laning Concepts

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Hi, this is my smurf account for posting on the forums. My main account has been 1950 Elo and I have small tournament experience. You don't have to believe me, but read up on these concepts and try them out. I don't have the time right now to make a full detailed guide but some people really fail at laning but are great in mid/late game. You can snowball your laning phase into an awesome mid to late game.

1. Harassing

Okay, everyone knows how to harass. But some people harass like brainless monkeys without understanding why and when to harass. When you aren't last hitting, people are clicking to avoid skillshots and harass constantly. You will have to predict their unpredictable movement to successfully harass.

But there's one window where you get free harass. When they last hit. If you have a minion available to last hit, choose to harass them or choose to last hit.

I'll give a very easy example of this. Ahri vs Ryze. A lot of people consider Ryze a soft counter to Ahri, and yeah, it's true. Ryze can stop her mobility and burst her if played correctly. Ahri can do it easier.

Ahri has a quick last hit animation, Ryze has a windup during his auto animation.

Ryze goes in to last hit. He has to freeze and do his wind up before the bolt of electricity comes out. Ahri throws out her Q. Both parts hit. Depending on the level of her Q, that can easily be over 300 damage, more than enough for Ahri to invite herself into Ryze's face and kill him.

Ryze made himself killable because he went in to last hit. It's honestly THAT simple. You are taking the free opportunity your opponent gave you to harass them.

Also, do not forget auto attacking in this section. Mana is scarce early and not every champion can afford to use spells early. If you are a ranged champion and they last hit, then auto attack them. 50-60 damage for free which eventually adds up.

Finally, I did give a mid match up but this concept applies to every lane as well. Bot lane, you see Ezreal committing to a last hit. Tristana uses her E and auto attacks once then backs up. Now Ezreal can be set up for Tristana's burst because he is weaker than her. Again, in top lane it's different by melee champions, but you can QEW or some form of Riven combo then jump out because they last hit.

2. Lane Dominance and Control.

I'll start off with mid again because it's my speciality. But think of when you walked into lane and got hit by a spell. You probably lost the lane, didn't you? Because you weren't a man. You sat there and took it. You sat there and were weaker because you wanted to sit there and collect minions. Meanwhile, the enemy punished you for it. I've won lanes at level 1 with Xerath by using Q on them when they get into lane. I have the advantage at that point.

Learn to control your lane. Control the creep line at your tower either by tanking minions (mainly for top/bottom, mid is slightly irrelevant but some exceptions exist) or just backing off from a few last hits to let the lane push in your favor.

Imagine how scary it is to lane vs Ahri near her tower. She can chase you with 3 dashes. Or Akali. Control the line near your tower and they can be jungle ganked, harassed to hell by you, and you're also slightly immune to harass at your tower because people don't want to take 100 damage for free.

3. Body Language.

Has your enemy been playing passive all game, then suddenly gets aggressive? It's probably because Nocturne is coming to gank your sorry ass. Read it early. Sometimes champions just suck early game and have no control until level 6, like Kassadin. Other times it's just the player has confidence to kill you. But junglers have mind control and presence all throughout laning.

Also, assume you have a ward in a bush and see the enemy jungler there. Don't change your body language. When people walk away the jungler knows it's warded. Just keep doing what you're doing, but don't overcommit. The jungler will think there's a window and remain there, when in reality, he's just wasting more time, and put himself behind.

4. Advantages

This is more common at high Elo, but take ADVANTAGE of EVERYTHING. Seriously. TSM won a game once because of Reginald. What did he do? Steal the enemy big wraith at level 4. He hit level 6 way before his opponent as Morgana, he killed them at 6, they were 5. He came back to lane level 7 with an item advantage, 2 levels above the enemy. He snowballed from there.

Think of the last time you got stomped by a Mordekaiser. He probably farmed wraiths and you didn't. Well, all that gold adds up eventually.

Moving to top lane. As a jungler, you can snowball top lane early and never have to go there again. Think of Lee Sin ganking you at level 2. You're terrified and burn flash. Well now your enemy has a huge lane advantage on you beacause you have NO idea if Lee Sin is still in the bush, you have no flash, and you have to play really passive. Now imagine if your enemy is Riven. You're going to get DEMOLISHED because she has an advantage over you.

Bot lane, you have an extra doran and vamp scepter. You can trade better. So abuse it. You have sustain, abuse it. Force auto attack trades.

Well, hopefully this helps you all out. These are some solid laning concepts that people sometimes overlook. Good luck in your games.