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I need some advice for ranked play

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Waaaay back when I just reached level 30 I played a few ranked games, failed epicly, out of 5 games, I believe it was, I only won one, and I was carried HARD. So I kept to normal games for a long time, quickly learning that wasn't ready for ranked. But now, months later, almost a year now that I think about it, I want to give ranked a try again, but would like some tips from some people who have had success in ranked play.

It would help if someone could explain to me how to counter pick, never really understood that. Also the meaning team composition, and 'synergy' that often comes hand-in-hand with good team comp. Those are the only terms I know of, if I am missing some (which I am positive I am) please tell me along with an explenation.

And I am fully aware of how out of wack my rune pages are, but they have worked in normal games, and am also sure they will not work in ranked. if you'd be willing to, I would also appreciate advice on how to build rune pages for all different roles ( I can play all roles, but am still learning how to jungle, I want to be able to be as versitile a player as possible)

On top of that, some advice on how to be a generally good, co-operative team player would be nice as well, pretty sure I got this part down, but it couldn't hurt to have a recap. I REALLY want to have some success this time around, I'm willing to double, even triple, check everything and anything.

and lastly, (this is more personal) this may upset some readers but my fave champ is Teemo, I am aware of his bad rep in the community but he was the first champ I played, bought, got a skin for, and first champ I played ranked with, so if you can, I would be extremely grateful for advice on how to play him in ranked, who he counters, and who counters him.

I am open to any and all constructive criticism, I am the kind of guy who will punch you if you tell me what I want to hear instead of what I need to hear, I'm not sensitive, so give it to me straight, don't hold back, if I screwed up, tell me and let me know how I can fix it.

You have my sincere thanks for your time, and your responses,

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Teemo, like most champs is a situational pick.
he counters champs top who are melee, and don't have gap closers.
He has epic harass.

Know how to play 2-3 champs WELL in all roles.
Soem champs overlap, such as nid.

Don't worry too much about runes, just have runes that benefit your champ.