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ok so i had an idea. the great Snowball items Mejai's, SotO, Leviathan. these items are CHEAP and provide some of , if not the, best stats for your champion BUT require you to have a ton of skill to get and keep the stacks.

i have been playing Rengar (AKA MUFASA!!!) since his release on pbe and im impressed with his massive dps potential. i suddenly had a crazy idea to play him using 2 of these items SotO and Leviathan

this is the link for the full build using LC including masteries and runes

build order varies but i have had a lot of success with jungling and getting an early avarice ( either madreds then avarice or avarice then madreds)

occasionally i build the SotO and then madreds so i always have it for the ganks but thats risky. this build requires u to get to 6 ASAP so u can gank a lane and instantly nuke someone and repeat for stacks while the enemy isn't clustering. then during teamfights u play like twitch and jump the carry and nuke them. try not to initiate without a stron AOE cc'r like amumu or kennen.

so what do u guys think