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Lip sync animation and a short game with Ashe

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Admiral Skye

Junior Member


Hello everyone, I made a model of Ashe and I used it to practice on my game art skills. I'm currently studying game art and I want to get decent stuff by the time I finish. I don't think this animation is great since it's my first time in lip sync animation and second time with character animation. I tested the lip sync and the game in the Unity engine.

Here's a video of Ashe saying a few of her lines from the game:

and here's a short game I made featuring Ashe:

The game is a slightly modified version of another game I made with another character and the enemy is from that previous game too.

I want to keep practicing and get better, I still don't think my stuff can compete with other 3d works I've seen. But I decided to post this here to see what people think of it so far.