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Call for help - Jungling

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Fifth Scheme

Senior Member


Do you have any other hints for some of the other junglers I play as? Throw Udyr into the mix, I forgot I had him, he's the first one I picked up.

In addition to all the other great advice offered, I'll add some of my own.

Jungling is massively about watching your minimap and keeping up with your own creep score. Watch to see when lanes are overextended and when fights are breaking out. You can also infer a lot by watching the enemy jungler, such as knowing to gank top cause you just saw the jungler try to gank bottom and you know top will be unprotected, or joining in on the fight bottom if they need help and you are in the area.

For starters, Udyr is a great jungler with a great CC option with bear stance and very fast jungle clearing, making him great for offensive jungling or just keeping up with your own camps.

Something I've seen pros do, and that I consistently do now, is taking the summoner spell exhaust instead of flash. If your laner has flash, which most carries/tops do, he'll gain the distance lost by the enemy using his own flash to escape. Then, your exhaust will make it easy for keeping both you and your laner on top of your prey while negating his own damage output if he chooses to fight back. Early kills will give both you the chance to snowball and your laner an advantage in creepscore. Additionally, exhaust is extremely useful late game when it is your job to isolate carries and take them out, that 70 percent attack speed reduction really hurts.

As for clearing your camps, always ask for help autoattacking wolves/wraiths depending on whether you're going for red or blue, and you'll be done clearing the first camp before the 1 55 mark guaranteed. Then make a habit of checking your smite damage EVERY level by highlighting the icon with your mouse, and always smiting only when your creep is at or below that health threshold. Never smite when first engaging or by instinct (when it looks good) ; someones stray autoattack or spell will take your blue and you'll be paralyzed for a few minutes as you struggle to keep up in levels and money.

Also, make sure you are using the right rune build and masteries. Most junglers benefit from AD quints and AD, armor, magic resist/lvl runes. Jungling is rewarding when it pays off but it is difficult and you will be trolled by people who think you can be everywhere at once. Don't be disheartened, you can only help one pushed lane at a time. Know your limitations. If you are underleveled and your super important CC ult is on cooldown and whatever else that can seriously limit your ganking potential and turn you into free kill and all of a sudden the bottom lane calls for a gank right away cause the enemy is pushing on your tower and they were stupid enough to get poked to no health, then just back off and farm to get levels or b to get health.

Know you will be trolled even when you are doing well, I played a rengar and was 4/0/2 very early in the game and was trolled for not ganking bottom, which I wasn't cause our lane was always pushed on the enemy tower leaving me little room to gank. Our support would not ward the tri bush and so they were getting ganked repeatedly by a warwick who was forced to help the lane often...and free kills for warwick.

Know warding positions for all lanes. Middle needs to ward. Top needs to ward. Bottom needs to ward. You can help and AA characters get the benefit of the lantern item for a free ward so that makes it cheaper, but don't be afraid to remind laners to do it. It makes everyone's life easier and makes the intuitive process of when to gank so much easier.