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In Twisted Treeline, Jayce is:

Excellent 26 40.63%
Good 24 37.5%
Average 10 15.63%
Bad 2 3.13%
Horrible 2 3.13%
Voters 64 .

Jayce in 3v3

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Dude, Jay kicks ass. The secret is to level Q at level one, E at level 2, W at 3, and then Q as often as possible and when it's not an option level E. Yes i am saying to skip his ult. (No i'm not trolling, i do this every time and i haven't regretted it once.) I find the extra damage from E in Hammer mode is far better than the stuff he gets from his ult. After you have both Q and E at level 5 you can level either skill as you feel like. Just make sure to keep W and R at level 1 until Q and E are at 5.

Items go Boots of mobility (can't kill what they can't catch), then Brutalizer, then either Hexdrinker or Impaler depending on what the other team does for damage. After that if they do magic damage rush Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortus and if they do physical damage get HP for that sweet sweet Impaler damage. After that get a BFS and go for IE or Black Cleaver, or grab Last Whisper for the AR pen.

*The above is what i do. I don't play ranked, i just play Dom and TT a lot. It works for me and may not work for you. Adjust as needed.

Avoid attack speed items whenever possible, with the exception of Black Cleaver (and that's only because of the Armor Penetration it has). Jay don't need it, he should be poking and chasing mostly.

Jay helps the team by helping them get around faster, softening targets up directly before the teamfight, chasing down enemies who try to run away, and getting people off his teammates with his E in hammer mode (which is like a mini Darius ult on a short cooldown). The thing he should be providing at 6 is crazy poke damage and making sure his teammates chase down and escape enemies.

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Sooo yeah....tried the w, and different and much better play style in my opinion haha. Such a powerful character cause 1 w and they are at like half hp.