A small apology.

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Hey dudes, most of you know me as the sometimes critical, widely parasitic writer of...

"Embracing the Faithful, Protecting the Heretic" FFN Link Here A Diana/Leona fic that I really need to show some love... no not that kinda love get your mind out the trash

"Northern Winds" FFN Link Here A Ashe/Trynd fic that I enjoy

"The Harbinger's Quest" FFN Link Here ssshh, We are just not going to talk about this one..

Anyway I've been on a huge push of playing the game to reach a goal and well... I reached that goal today by getting to Plat So I'm finally free to write a bit before school starts.

Just to be silly I'm also starting a few funny little writings challenge where champs apologize for "stuff"... in there own way... One for each champs... why not.

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Apologies 1: Aatrox
Aatrox sat in the chair that he dwarfed, his wings folded against his back as he hunched over the desk. The quill in his hand glided across the paper effortlessly, creating swift stretching letters with every stroke as if as if he was cutting down an unfortunate soul.

''' I have been inform by a summoner that I have been requested to make known my regret about the events of the last match. It would seem that my method of encouraging my teammates to sort out their problems while on the same team, has been frowned upon. I am also informed that Nasus and Renekton have been reprimanded for the incident.

I will attempt to refrain from "helping" others in the same manner again. On the matter of an unrelated event; you may wish to seek out Morgana and inform her it was, in fact, not her sister that disposed of the last batch of cookies. The taste was simply not up her normal standards and I merely suggested it could have been Kayle, as it could have been, not that it was.

In closing, I wish to thank the Piltover Summoner Jason, for first bringing this to my attention. Summoner Luke, should you wish to find Summoner Jason, I believe he said he wished to practice the role of jungle for an upcoming match. I found this interesting as I was under the impression your where Piltover's designated Jungler. Perhaps you can lend him some advice, or vice versa.

~ Aatrox'''

Aatrox stood, watching the ink dry, before he turned to the door as loud shouting came from the hallway outside.



Aatrox smiled as he walked towards the door. “At times, this is too easy...”

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this so needs to be expanded. I find it quite humorous

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Apologies 2: Ahri
Ahri sat silently staring at the paper. “This can't be that hard... Humans do it all the time...” Her hand picked up the pen as she juggled the orb behind her tails.


Ahri sat for a long time staring at the olive colored parchment the pen absently taping on the bottum leaving small dots. “This is a human responsibility... I must...”


Ahri flinched at the clock on the table chimed. “Half an hour already...”


Finally, Ahri sighed as she lifted the pen to the top of the page.

'''I am unsure where to began. I am a fox, or at least at the time I was. I am no longer a mere fox. I was never really happy as a fox, nor did I know I could be more than one.

I know you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with you. I was with your husband when he passed on that battle field. I wanted to say that your husband's last moment on that battle field were important for me.

I cannot bring myself to say to you what happened, and I have many more of these to write to others, but I wanted to apologies for what I took... and also to give my thanks.


Ahri sighed raising from the chair and rolling the parchment and placing it into a small paper tube. She push away from the table gliding to the door, the orb still being passed back and forth from tail to tail.

Ahri peaked her head out into the hall of the Institute of War. “Oh, Summoner Jason...” Ahri called waving to shorter man. “ what happen to your eye?”

Jason stared flatly at the fox his right eye bruised and blacked. “Nothing of your concern...”

Ahri step further out of the room putting her hand on his shoulder. “Would you be kind and have this delivered to the address on the outside.” Ahri held up the roll and waved it back and forth.

“I'm a little... busy I...” Jason stammered as Ahri leaned against him.

Ahri tilted her head slightly looking at the Summoner. “Please?”

“Fine...” The Summoner took the roll of paper.

“You've earned my gratitude... please summon me if you wish and well have some... fun.” Ahri coyly called as she slipped back into her room.


An hand slowly unrolled the parchment and a woman's eyes trialed along the words on the paper. As the last words were read the eyes dropped to the bottom half of the page. There, drawn with countless small dots, was an incredibly detailed image of a man laying on a battle field, his eyes nearly closed as he smiled warmly in his last moments.