Purge the Weak

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It's short, but hopefully it's sweet. I wanted to keep it short as it fits Darius, as I imagine him to be a man of very few words. He perfectly embodies the "shoot first ask questions later" principle, and I wanted to capture that image of him. Hopefully I did a good job of it. Review!

"My armor is contempt.

My shield is disgust.

My sword is hatred.

In the emperor's name, let none survive."

-Warhammer 40k

They stared at each other from across the field of wheat. Between them was a valley, a valley that was scheduled to be filled with the bodies of the dead and dying, with blood spattered armor and broken blades.

Already behind the backs of the advancing army was the broken villages, burnt towns, and destroyed cities of Demacia, their once white structures now draped with the red and black banners of Noxus and their dead strewn about in the streets, their buildings turned into rubble.

The survivors of the onslaught were all Demacia had left, all that their mortal enemies now possessed. Their once mighty military was now reduced to a mere shadow of its former self, one could liken it to having a great forest spanning hundreds of miles being reduced to a single, sickly tree.

Yes, that singular tree may be strong, but everything dies sometime.

It was no different here, their once potent enemy now lay bloodied and broken, all that remained was to destroy all vestiges of hope and courage they held, and then the capital would be theirs for the taking.

He held his axe in hand, staring at his mortal enemies across the golden fields of wheat. Besides him were the champions of Noxus, all of them clothed in their finest military garb, to celebrate the final destruction of their enemy. Behind them were the legions of Noxus, each headed by their commanders and flag bearers.

Across from them were the surviving champions of Demacia, accompanied by the skeletal remains of a once mighty military power.

In his eyes, the difference between the two armies was as clear as day. In the one, power and strength unequaled throughout the continent, indeed, throughout the world. In the other, there was nothing but weakness.

They deserved to be put down, having such weak and pitiful fools in the new world order would not serve Noxus' needs. She was a country that needed the strong, the proud, the mighty.

He scowled, disgusted by the remains of his enemies, and then spoke to the armies of Noxus.

"Before you is a weak and pitiful enemy. Our armor is contempt, our shields disgust, and our swords hatred. Purge the weak and let none survive the coming battle."

Hefting his great war axe he signaled the charge.

"Blood for Noxus!"

Hopefully you enjoyed the experience, as short as it is, but regardless of your opinion, review!