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Junior Member


Hello, I have problems with the game crashing over and over again,I am with windows 7 eternity,and it happends this bug to all of my games,except Dota,and now does it on LOL tooThe crash is like u play 1 min,and then the game throws u out on the desktopand u can do anything,u wait a bit,and then in ten seconds u are back in the game,and that is over and over again.Please help ,cause in the end i'll have to preinstal my windows.

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Software Engineer


Its likely that there is a piece of software running that is doing this.

I'd suggest running a software like spybot, updating all your drivers and windows updates. Unfortunately figuring out what piece of software is causing this may prove difficult.

Its unlikely that its a windows 7 issue as we have plenty of people using that.

Here's another thread with a similar issue:

They used msconfig to disable everything else that was running to figure out what was causing the problem.