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Convert a LoL champion to a Dota 2 hero.

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While a lot may think most LoL heroes suck but remember you can number tweak to make them fit into the game better plus there are items that can make some champs different on what they do in Lol.

Skarner: Primary attribute Agility.
Stats: Str: 20 (+ 2 per level.) Agil: 23 (2.4 per level) Int: 15 (1.5 per level)
Roles: Carry, Initiator, Durable, Jungler

The skillsets in Dota work differently. most heroes have passive on their skills, and some may have one active skill. For simplicity just put in all skills including passive or can just remove one spells that is least important. Note that basic spells goes up to 4 levels and 3 points in ultimate but you can put points into stats as well. All skills also had lore description of how this skill helped the hero or how it works. Some might think it would kill the AP casters in the game but a lot of them seem to fit in with the no scaling spells and can be more focused in utility but a few might be able to nuke people down quickly.

Crystal Slash (Q)
Deals damage in a 250 radius of yourself and slow them for 1 second.
25,23,21,19 mana
Coodown: 5 seconds
Damage type composite (Mixed) 30,45,60,75
Slow: 25%,30%,35%,40%
The Crystal Vanguards have been able to hold off and prevent the escape of intruders of the Crystal Scar with this technique.

Crystalline Exoskeleton (W)
Gives you a shield that increases your attack speed and move speed.
Duration: 7 seconds.
Cooldown: 17 seconds
Shield HP: 70,130,190,250
Attack speed increase: 20%,35%,50%,65%
Movespeed increase: 11%,22%,33%,44% (movespeed has a cap that he would easily reach with this skill and many other movespeed steroids)
Using the power of the crystal energy has aloud the Vanguards to protect the Scar while adding improved agility.

Energize: (E)
Basic attacks reduces the cooldowns of your spells.
Passive effect
.5,1,1.5,2 seconds per basic attack.
The Vanguards able to use the crystals to increase their fervor in battle.

Impale: (R) ultimate
Turns the enemy hero into a crystal and is disabled while Skarner is able to move freely using his spells and basic attacks.
Duration: 3,3.5,4 seconds
All who run into the Crystal Scar will become a part of the scar.