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Omg are they kidding with rengar? Why not just give him a instant kill all r so op!!

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RoG Skorpiion

Junior Member


Someone up there asked for four weaknesses to Rengar? Ok. Here we go.

1. Insta-bursted in team fights not matter how you look at it unless your playing against a dumb team.

2. Relies to heavily on bush control to lane powerfully. KEEP HIM OUT.

3. Easily out bursted by champions like Jax, Olaf, Dairus, and along those lines.

4. Very susceptible to kiting. Has no imdediate gap closer aside from his passive seeing as his snare/slow is pretty low range.

There a four weaknesses and i could name more. He's not OP just because you got facerolled by him. Like some others said he's new, learn what's good against him then come tell me he's op. quit crying. Riot know what there doing.

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Senior Member


2. With Oracle's he has no ult.
5. The base damage on his Q is pretty low, if he doesn't build lots of AD it's only worth it for the attack speed buff.

I'm ignoring the rest since they're good points, just remember when Akali was considered OP the argument "Buy an oracles or ward already" was countered with "BUT THEIR EXPENSIV ND I NEED DA GOlD FOR GOOD STUFF!!! I 500000000 ELO AND YOU NUB!!!".

While their arguments are somewhat silly, and oracles is expensive if you don't know how to acquire gold. And since supports are obviously the only people in the game with the ability to buy wards/oracles, if they don't buy one then no-one will. Akali got nerfed because of it, so that could be considered a point against Rengar.

As for point 5, if he does buy AD then it's like a Talon or Nasus Q, doing a considerable amount of damage and making everyone cry.

Wards/Oracles/Armour/CC will counter him, but that's waaay too hard for most people so RENGAR TOTES OP AHHHHHH 'facechecks brush by Flashing into it while on 20hp'

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I wonder if these people even know what his skills do.
First of all: His snare requires 5 ferocity. So does his heal.
Second: His stealth is an ULT with a huge cooldown.
Third: His passive is an autoattack with a jump, so it only has no CD if BOTH of you are in the brush, in which case either it doesn't matter, because it isn't any bonus damage. Exception is if you are trying to run while staying in the brush, in which case you are just bad.
And finally: his item is not "a super BF sword with armor pen." unless you fed him enough to get enough stacks, and he is also lvl 18.