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Bottom lane:Does it have as much of an influence anymore?

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Ok maybe this only applies to solo queue but, It just feels like bottom lane doesn't really have a big an impact on the game. Bottom lane almost becomes a stalemate until the jungle comes to help or something , and Usually it's top lane or mid that decide how the flow of the game will go.

This is mainly due to the fact that once one of those lanes are won, they come down to help the other lanes and unless they **** up royally. They can usually get the other lanes fed.

It's also part of the reason why Top and Mid are called constantly.

Again This is probably due to the fact that I mainly play solo queue but i don't think that Bottom lane(AD and support) Have as much of an impact on the game as Top mid or jungle do and how the flow of the battle will go they are just there.

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Bottom lane can win and lose their lane just as hard as any other lane. If you don't believe me, ask the Leona/Ashe pair that gave their Ezreal/Soraka pair first blood and a double kill before the minions even spawned, and then blamed me for not camping their lane when top and mid were losing too.

We lost that game, obviously. If you want an example, I was playing Nunu Support for a Vayne the other day, the enemy had a volibear support (lol). We went even for the first, oh... 2 minutes, and then we just tower dove them over and over, because our vayne was better at farming, and they had a support volibear.

And any time the bot lane kills or forces then enemy out of lane, they should say so, and the jungler can come do dragon, which is worth 2-3 kills of gold to your team, which can -really- swing a game.