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Ashe Enchanted Arrow Tips

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Firing Ashe arrows stun enemy champions up to 3.5 seconds, while dealing damage.This can be shot to stun players, deal damage and even saving a teammate.

Firing arrows can go from your base to the enemy's base and all over the map. This arrow deals 250/425/600

When firing arrows try to aim it where enemy champs are likely to go. When firing an arrow near a turret be careful aiming because the enemy may do a sharp turn or a quick flash.If Teammates are chasing an enemy, fire your arrow to stun your enemy and pick up a kill for your team. Also, if a teammate is in danger or getting chased fire the arrow to stun them and save an enemy kill. When shooting across the map enemies are always moving, so they have time to dodge the arrow. With Ashe you can use the spell Teleport that lets you tele to minions, wards and turrets.Also remember to toggle your frost shot ( first ability) to slow the enemy.

If you want your arrow to deal more damage, at base buy ability power items.

Thanks, hope this guide helps!!!!!!!