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[Champion Concept] - Legion, the Lone Survivor (ADC)

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Legion, the Lone Survivor

Gender - Male(mostly?)
Race - Magically undead
Origin - PreRunewar Shadow Isles
Alliance - None
Class: Ranged Carry
Subclass: Fighter
Weapon: Pilum
Attack Type: Ranged
Energy Source: Mana


Legion is an attack damage carry (ranged) who specializes in surviving brief encounters with melee heroes and in using stat steroids to unleash items damage potential. Visually, Legion is the tattered and bloody remains of a foot soldier barely held together by the collective will of his decimated companions. He wears a tower shield and a bronze helm, a javelin in his right arm is his main weapon.
Note that legions abilities are mostly centered around winning fights that continue for duration, or are continued by enemies. Legion has virtually no CC, except when enemies run into him. His AS steroid kicks in when enemies close the gap to you. His ult gives you three free auto attack, but only against the person attacking you. As you can see, my idea for him is a ranged carry that is fun to lane, in team fights can really dish out damage from behind the tanks, and is really strong in 1v1 against tanky Dps.

Quick Ability Overview

Passive - Gains critical strike for each ability on cooldown.

Q - Defensive ability that stops enemies trying to enter melee range.

W - Attack speed and resistance buff.

E - Skill shot ranged harass, click and drag aspect that shreds armour.

R - Stat buff - Repositioning tool/extra damage.


Passive -
Disciplined - Legions many minds often vie for control, but when there is nothing left but to fight, everything becomes clear. Legion gains 8% critical strike for each ability on cooldown.
This is a stat boost that lets Legion really make the most of an attack damage build. Like all good abilities it does not come without a trade off, there will be times when Legion players will feel pressure to use up abilities to proc this passive, often before the ideal time to actually have the ability up. Its a balance between adding the extra damage, or saving a spell that could save your life.

Q - Schiltron -
Legion can brace his javelin into the ground, impaling the next enemy to come within melee range. On cast Legion prepares his javelin for 2 seconds, the next enemy facing Legion to come within melee range (125) takes 60/70/80/90/100 physical damage (+20/30/40/50/60% of their movement speed) as physical damage, is knocked up for 0.5 second and slowed by 60% for 3 seconds afterwards.
Costs - 75 mana
Cooldown - 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
Range - Self
For comparing - with 375 movespeed this deals - 135 damage at rank 2, and 325 at rank 5. This spell keeps those melee dps on their toes, it is also his major utility spell. It is strong, but very defensive in nature - except- with good planning (compare this to Chos Q its so much less -as it should be.), this is a great spell to use on enemies face checking the brush, especially when combined with his W. plus how cool is it to damage someone based on how fast they ran into your spear? Rammus beware!

W - Last Defence -
Passive - Legions many consciousnesses remember the desperation of their last stand well. Legion gains up to 20/25/30/35/40% attack speed and 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% bonus Armour as enemies come closer in range. (From 550 to 125 range)
Active - Legion can double his passive attack speed increase for all his attacks for 4 seconds.
Costs - 50 mana
Cooldown - 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
Range - Self
Another steroid, useful for up close, pairs great with Q. Same as most good carries, not super strong on its own, but with good items, deadly. This is risk/rewards, get closer, get more deadly, but also more vulnerable. Legion does not have the stats of a melee and would quickly wither in the middle of a teamfight. It also gives him a chance against assassins and bruisers who want to get up in his face.

E - Pilum -
Legion fires a skill shot spear throw that hits the ground and then in a line following the cursor. Legion hurls his pilum at target location dealing 65/105/145/185/225 (+0.5 ad) physical damage and reducing targets armour by 5%. As he casts 5 ghost legionnaires materialize around him, and throw their pila in a delayed line extending from the final location of Legions (click and drag like rumble ult or viktor), all enemies hit receive 35/55/75/95/110 (+0.2) physical damage and reducing armour by 5% per spear. Enemies hit more then once take 50% less damage from each consecutive spear.
Costs - 60/70/80/90/100 Mana
Cooldown - 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
Range - 650 (drag line is 250 long)
This is his main poke as it will out range his auto attack damage. Use to open fights, shred armour and proc passive, stack it with black cleaver for massive armour pen. It will not be spamable unless he rushes mana/mana regen, and then it loses its damage.

R - Final Pact -
Legion demands his ghastly companions fulfill their final oaths. On cast he assumes the visage of their greatest centurion, gaining 10/20/30 attack damage for up to 7 seconds. During this time reactivating the spell will send a ghost clone of Legion rushing toward the nearest enemy (prioritizes champions) dealing 100% attack damage (applying on hit effects) before disappearing (Consecutive attacks against the same champion deal 50% reduced damage). Each time a ghost is summoned, Legion gains 40/50/60% movement speed and stealths for 1 second (can be recast a total of 3/4/5 times).
Cooldown - 120/100/80 seconds
Costs - 100/100/100 mana
Range - Self
It took awhile to get this far with this spell. I am finally happy with the balance of utility and damage. For utility the mini stealth/haste lets him reposition during team fights. When dueling it lets you chase down an enemy. Damage wise, in team fights it actually deals more damage as it will hit multiple champions and not suffer damage reduction. In a duel it will work much like a auto attack reset spell, where you attack then quick reactivate ult sending the ghost in for its attack, then attacking again normally.


Damage 51 (+3.1 / per level)
Attack Speed 0.658 (+3% / per level)
Health 410 (+84 / per level)
Mana 255 (+40 / per level)
Move Speed 325
Armor 15 (+3.2 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Health Regen 5.5 (+0.7 / per level)
Mana Regen 6.75 (+0.7 / per level)
Range 550


Height - Medium size/build, once was big but he is a husk of a former man.
Physical Build - Skeletal.
Hair style and color - Wearing helm
Eye color - Just light emitting from helm.
Weapons - Pilum
Attire - Rusted and blackened amour, a rotted cloak covering bones and sinew.


Ages ago in the forgotten histories of the runewars, battles were waged on epic scales. In those times of rampant magical use the lives of individual soldiers held little value to their lords or kings. It might take the combined effort of hundreds or thousands of ordinary men to overrun an entrenched mage, or a particularly violent summoned creature. In one such battle eons ago, a civilization made a desperate last stand in what we now know as the Shadow Isles. In what they must have known was their final hour an entire nation huddled behind what remained of their once great army. Its depleted regiments of heavy infantry prepared to defend their people as long as they could. Every soldier present knew what was on the line, and as their enemies closed in around them they made a pact, sealed in an ocean of blood, to fight tirelessly and ferociously until the very last man.
When it came, the end was swift and violent. Formations formed and died to the shouts and screams of dying men. Terrible, giant shapes glimpsed through the smoke and darkness smote men into the ground. Fire and lightning decimated the ranks. Still the men fought on, with no hope of victory, and the inevitable death of their entire people on their minds. Eventually the constant rumble of explosions gave way to silence. The formerly enraged golums and elementals grew placid and slowly collapsed into piles of rocks, soot, or puddles of water. It was done. The magics unleashed on this spot made it uninhabitable for generations beyond count.
Many centuries later, an Institute surveying team that had been charting its way along the outlaying Shadow Isles made an unscheduled stop on a small rocky island. They had been drawn there by faintly pulsing trace of magic. They dug and dug through layers of rock and ash, bones and amour. They came upon a stasis spell, it was battered and scarred; but holding. After it had been unsealed, the gathered league mages were astonished to find a decaying, tattered soldier inside. When one of the startled mages finally thought to ask,

"Who are you?"

It raised its head in response, and rasped through creaking jaws in a voice thick with dust and time,

"I am Legion, for we are many."

- "Can you not sense its pain?" - Soraka, the Star Child

Initial idea, might still work stuff in, change stuff, but basically he is (was, no one is quite sure) the lone survivor of a Legion of foot soldiers that was completely slaughtered in an old rune war. The amount of magic that sundered their ranks trapped their consciousnesses in this world. Scattered about by the ensuing magic unleashed throughout the rune wars, they have been finding their way back to the one physical remnant in existence, the not quite broken body of a legionnaire stuck in a stasis ward and forgotten throughout eons. With the founding of Institute of War, the old stasis spell was broken, and to everyone's surprise Legion was aware....

Please leave some feedback.
If you liked this champion, here is a link to all my concepts in one spot, Dryruns Champion Muster Point (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3021970), so stop on by and have a look, see what you like. There is a champion for every type of sensibility. Review and leave a link for a trade. Good luck with all your creating!

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Poeta Somnium

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Ok, I'm going to try REALLY hard to be vague here; I don't want to hijack your idea because it is a cool one and I'm interested to see where you can take it. But as requested, I will try to throw out some directions you can experiment with and see what works.

First and foremost, a bit of background info on the biblical Legion of the Gerasene demoniac exorcism (one of the miracles of Christ) that may spur some inspiration. Don't worry! I'm not going to preach to you (I'm not even religious, -- I just read a lot. =P) But the bible has inspired awesome stories since.... well, since the bible. That's a lot of inspiration. I'll try to make it as non-churchy as possible because let's face it; that's boring. Here's the abridged version, courtesy of Brolaf. (Sorry if I offend anyone, that isn't my intent. Respect to all.)

So story goes that J.C. is chilling in the land of the Gerasene. He heard about this dude that was having a bad time because he was possessed by demons, so he goes to see if he can help him out. (Because, y'know, he's Jesus.)

Dude walks out of a cave and is all like "Yo' J.C.! I'm possessed by demons man! Help a bro out!"

Jesus is like; "Whassup demon. What's your name?"

The demos is like; "My name is Legion, for we are many. Don't make us go home; our dad will be pissed, bro."

Jesus is like; "Brooo-ooo-ooo..... you guys need to leave. You're totally crushing this dude's gnar. Give him his body back."

They go back and forth like that a few times. The demons don't want to leave because their dad is a total downer. But there's this herd of pigs up on a hillside; they make a bargain; Jesus agrees to send them into the bodies of the pigs instead of sending them back to their "dad." The pigs rush down the hill into the lake of Gerasene and drown. The end.

Okay, so guy is possessed, Jesus is like "gtfo!" Demons are like "don't send us back to hell!" Jesus is like "GTFO!" Demons are like "can't you just send us into that herd of pigs?" Jesus is like "yeah sure whatever." Demons->pigs->drown themselves->avoid going back to hell. I'm not a bible expert, but that's the gist of it.

What can you do with all that nonsense?

Well, let's suppose that the spirits of these soldiers are in a similar situation; Hell (we'll refer to it as the Shadow Isles for relatability purposes) blows. Who wants to go there? So these spirits just plain refuse to leave the mortal realm. They aren't doing it. No way, man. But.... they're the spirits of soldiers; what do they have to do? Wage war, of course. Against who? All their enemies are long dead! Without an enemy to wage war against, they terrorize the people of Valoran. Institute of War taps into ancient techmaturgical something-something, seals them inside a something-something and bind it to the Fields of Justice something-something. Really, this is close to what you already have.

Want to League-ify the scripture more directly? What if Jesus's exorcism had backfired? What if Legion had not been expelled into the swine, but into Jesus himself, possessing the miracleworker and using his divine gifts for their own caprices? (Again, sorry if I offend anyone. Just ideas, here.) You could use some sort of righteous Paladin who sought to rid some place of demons, but the demons instead possessed him, joining the League to pursue some ill-intention?

Some other possible routes you could take;

-Custer's last stand approach; the dead legion had an idiot for a general who led them to their death, and they're pissed. They stick around, their anger malfesting into corporeal form so that they can seek revenge against (maybe.... Jarvan? Garen?) for the mistakes of their ancestor.

-Necromancy; remember the "army of undead" referenced in Karthus's lore? Well, like the demons of Gerasene, these poor spirits are none too pleased with their master. The souls of the dead that Karthus has enslaved will their energies together to create a sentient pseudo-life, resurrecting a lone soldier and joining the League to seek vengeance on Karthus.

-Legion is a General/Corporal/whatever from the Shadow Isles, following Hecarim's lead. He is made up of the souls of those he has slain. (This one is admittedly a tad weak.)

-Make Legion into a good-guy; a small legion of Demacian soldiers that held back a huge Noxian invasion for days on end against impossible odds. They all died in the defense, but they held on long enough for help to arrive (300 style.) The soldiers were so commited to their duty that even in death they stood vigil. Summoners of the League used magic/techmaturgy/whatever to bind them into a champion to compete in the League until a means of helping them pass on can be found.

-Icathia? Not much is known. All we know is that Icathia is an old city that was destroyed. How was it destroyed? War tends to destroy stuff. War usually has armies, too. And armies have.... you see where this is going. Not sure specifically what you could do with this one, but Icathia is naturally a good starting point for a lot of lore simply because we don't have any facts; you can do whatever you want with it.

Well, I'm all tapped out I think. Hopefully you can find a little gold in all of that rambling and cook up some awesome lore of your own! =)

*Another note (sorry to nitpick): you mention Legion wielding a tower shield, a javelin, and a shortsword. Javelins are pretty **** big my friend; where does he put it when using his sword? Maybe you could instead use something similar to a katar or bayonette attatched to his gauntlet, leaving his actual hand free to wield his sword when needed?

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Awesome. I got just what I needed in there. Thanks! I'll fill the lore out tonight. As for the javelin, it's more of a pilum in size. Basically he is outfitted like a roman legionnaire. The javelin/pilum gets tucked against the back of the shield while not in use. Hopefully I'll get the drawing right soon.

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Passive: Great boost for when all abilities are blown and have nothing to do but AA. Nothing wrong here.

Q: I can see this as a great bait move for a team fight. All enemies dash in at you, and stuns the AD carry who ran first. Interesting mechanic.

W: Simple, powerful, and a great steroid. Nothing wrong here.

E: So if I read this right, you throw his spear, if it hits the first time you can throw again for an armor reducing debuff? This may seem weird but wouldn't you want the armor debuff for the first hit? Would be better if you switch the first and second hits on this, so the first hit deals less damage but reduces armor, second hit deals more damage.

R: So his minions block incoming attacks by sacrificing themselves, I can see this as being a great fight initiator. Also the stat boosts are great for this. Nothing wrong here.

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Hey Rykaal! thanks for the Great review, this is my fourth champ, so getting a lot of back pats makes me feel going about my ability to balance. Good catch with the E, i had a hard time with his poke, at certain times i think its great, he can get those throws in to initiate, and the debuff is there for the fight, but other times, i think like you do and its mostly just a poke where to get max damage you need to land two good skillshots...i shall think about this one. thanks so much for your input!

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Finished the lore! actually like it. kept it a little vague, more interesting that way i think.

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Oh my God... This is really good.

Passive: I feel like it might be a little hard to trigger, but that's my only issue. It's really good, otherwise. I just feel like the trade-off isn't necessarily required. For example, Trynda***** gets an innate 35% bonus crit rate, as long as he has rage. Dunno, just saying.

Q: Very original idea. Definitely requires some good planning. Overall, a good spell, lots of useful things, and I can just imagine how awesome ganks would be with this.

W: A very nice trade-off, get in close and become vulnerable, but increase damage output. I like.

E: It looks good, but I would consider adding the armor reduction first, to be a bit more viable in fights. Reduce their armor, and then hit them with the serious damage. Again, it's up to you.

R: Seems a bit complex, but very cool.

Overall: This is probably one of my shortest reviews. It's extremely well done, and very balanced. I really like it.

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ElementalistX - you almost made me blush. thanks for the review!! let me explain my thoughts;

Passive, yes it is a bit hard to trigger....trynds passive is better, but he is melee, i think buffs need to be toned down on ranged attackers because they get both some extra attacks in, and can at times attack with virtual impunity. in my head it is almost a reverse of ashes ult, were she gets a guaranteed first crit, and then some chances during the fight, Legion gets a moderate chance increase from the middle of the fight onwards. also his cooldowns late game leave an 8 second window after casts for this to be up.

Q, im really quite proud of this one. W, yes exactly.

E - i am having trouble with this one, see my post above a double poke would be really strong with initial armour debuff, but i dont want him to be a poking champion per say. thats why its the later hit, which lands the debuff when he now has to auto attack - which is his roll...im going to tinker with this.

R - you are correct with the complex....it seems so simple till you write it down....ive been working on a small change where instead of damage taken, he presses R again to activate 1/2/3 0.5 second stealths and when he does projects a ghost forward in his place. its all about juking and confusion so you can position to rain down the fire. thanks for the review!!

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This guy feels like Pantheon in flavor. You may picture him otherwise but I (the reader) can't help but see Pantheon when you describe him.

Additionally, you are directly quoting the Bible. That seems odd. Especially when you don't do anything remotely demonic with the lore.

You seem to be trying to combine indominable soldier with . . . . something else that I don't understand.


Passive: Extremely offensive. Does not go with the lore. I can see this passive being used on another carry though. Additionally, this passive does not go with the Q very well. Q is very situational and you have to use it to proc the passive.

This passive is so strong you have to build around it. I suggest you make another champ with spamable abilities and no resource cost and use this passive. I could see it on Garen or something.

Q: This imobilizes you. It seems no fun and anyone with range could ignore you. Additionally, your W is based on being in melee range but you have no gap closer and instead a self root. This champ would be exceedingly frustrating to play. I play mostly ranged champs and I can tell you that this guy would get eaten alive by most of them. You really should replace this with a gap closer.

W: This would suck less if you had a gap closer/slow. As it stands, you probably need a frozen mallet to make this work.

E: Why ranged armor reduction? Especially on the second hit. With this kit the guy you hit would probably just walk away till the debuff is gone. I would replace this with an aoe. You have so many to choose from too. (For example: Blows of the Many: Hundreds of hads strike out from Legion damaging all minions in melee range. If an enemy champion is hit, all the ghosts jump on them stunning them for the remaining duration (lasts 3 seconds)

That might suck but so far this guy can do nothing about minion waves.

R: First, stealth makes no sense on this guy lore-wise. Second, this dude is a lone survivor and his ult should reflect the defensive nature of his lore. How about having 3/4/5 dead dudes spawn with shields and each adds armor. Every time a spell is used against Legion one ghost intercepts and absorbs it? Triple banchee's veil. That would be strong and consistent lore-wise.

As it stands, you have three main problems:

1: Make this guy not Pantheon.
2: Make this guy's abilities playable.
3: Make this guy's abilities match his lore.