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I'm RiotGypsy. AMAA

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What champs have you help designed or made and when will we see what your creatimg and where so you get the voice actors for the champs?

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Hey Gypsylord, I was just wondering, what are your thoughts on shield champions and monsters? Do you agree we need more champions wielding shields and monster champs?

Check these out if you have time bro, maybe some feedback too would be terrific :
Riot we need more shields. (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2946098)
@Riot - This is what we REALLY need (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=26520777)

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The Nig We Need

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Nice job on Vi gypsy. Is she your first champion so far?

Now my real question (I did a great job breaking the ice, right), you said before you were a theater major. Have you seen the Broadway show of "The Book of Mormon" yet? Its hilarious, and its on tour right now so if it gets to where you live I highly suggest checking it out

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What's your favorite color?

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Which Fire Emblem game is your favourite?

Do you have a favourite character from said game?

Will you let me bear your children?

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Haseo Azure



I have a ( In my opinion) good idea for a champion and as far as I know , you have had not much success with coming up with champions lately except for thresh, and If that one was your idea, I ****ing love you man, thresh is AWESOME. And because you work a riot games and are a designer for champions i'd like you to consider my offer for a champ that i think most people will be happy to see. (Not completely sure on the names for all of the abilities , and I don't have as good a vocabulary as those at riot games, I'm also not including any percents and number to what things scale off of because I'm not completely sure about that either)

Rigaldo - The Sound Beast
-Attack damage carry, jungler, tank

(Not completely sure yet but it has something to do with being healed by a % of his current health every 3 or 5 spells he uses.

Q-Sound Wave( a bit cheesy, it could be better but I haven't thought of anything else)
- Rigaldo cuts the air in front of him sending and cresent wave of sound flying in one direction dealing max damage to the first enemy hit and half to subsequently hit targets.

W- Wall of Sound( Channel ability )
- Rigaldo summons three rings made of sound that after a delay that go off and knock back enemies hit by them.( Of course they also deal damage). Enemies at close range ( meaning right in front of him) are stunned for 1 second.

E-Vibrant shield
-Summons a shield of sound around Rigaldo that increases his next spell used by 10%, and increases his magic resist and armor.

R- Sound Beast
-Rigaldo transforms into bat made of blades, the blades vibrate and deal damage to nearby
enemies, and has increased vision due echo location. ( he doesn't use mana just like shyvana he builds up fury and thats how long his ulti lasts.

please no one steal this idea, I'm pretty sure no one else has come up with even close to what I have thought of, maybe out of the millions of people on LoL maybe but slim. So please no stealing other peoples thunder this Idea was completely made up , funny thing I thought of it while in music class. Hope you consider this idea LoL worthy.

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Haseo Azure:
I have a ( In my opinion) good idea for a champion and as far as I know , you have had not much success with coming up with champions lately except for thresh, and If that one was your idea, I ****ing love you man, thresh is AWESOME.

Vi was gypsylord's first champ. CertainlyT is the designer of Thresh.

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Haseo Azure



Vi was gypsylord's first champ. CertainlyT is the designer of Thresh.

Thank you for correcting me ,because riot has release little about this champion I really wasn't sure who made it. Still Vi is cool too. Sexy with Gaunlets and pink hair...... what more do you need.

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Champion Designer


67 - 74


I fear for the future of Sivir since I think Sivir might have a similar problem.

Her kit doesn't bring anything that you couldn't get elsewhere IMO. Want a bursty carry? Take Graves. What a dude who can chase/escape well? Take Corki/Ezreal. Want a decent combination of both? Pick up Teemo/Jayce. Want a team boost? Take a support. Want fast moving champ with crazy AoE all day AND team support? Go AD nidalee with a Runaan's Hurricane and Ravenous Hydra.

Sivir now kind of lacks a "signature BS move" that no one else gets due to designing her remake to fall more in line with standard ADCs added with the new Season 3 item overhaul and it causes her to fall out of the game unless she's OP.

Yeah I think Sivir is in kind of a bad spot right now. Statikk Shiv has made the thing she was really good at (pushing) accessible to every other ranged carry. She's okay, but she doesn't really have a reason to bring her to a team over other AD's.

I found a bug on her! Turns out her W CD is incorrect. Currently goes from 9-3. Is supposed to go from 7-3. Got Solcrushed to fix it
Solari Eclipse:
We all know about Morello's hatred of suppo--- I mean dedicated healers. As a support player, what is your position on dedicated healing or what could be done to a dedicated healer to make it interesting?

Dedicated healing, while a fun idea, really doesn't work in our game. Is more suited for PvE. Take a look at what 9 potion starts have done to our laning phases. If your poke doesn't stick there's no real incentive to go agro and the lane tends to stagnate. Very boring.
FIRE EMBLEMMMMMM. Are you looking foward to awakening?

Did you get any say in the Lore for your champ or was it mostly done by another team?

I gave a lot of input on Vi. Was very much a team effort. Ended up working out well. Managed to squeeze a lot of interactions into the game with her, Cait, and Jayce.
Evelynn Butt:
Dear Mr Lord

How nervous are you about your champion debut.[/i]?

I was very nervous. Vi was my first champ and I reallllllly wanted people to like her. My job is to provide you guys with engagement and if the champions I put out aren't fun to play then I'm failing everyone. So yeah, as long as people are having fun with Vi and she isn't causing too much rage for opponents then I'm happy.
Seeing as this world is so expansive do you think there is chance there will be some prehistoric monsters which where either brought back to life or some how survived?
I ask this because almost all the champions on here are humanoid based :/ wheres the love of full on monster or alien.

Was talking to Ezreal about an "ancient beast" type of monster a few weeks ago. Not saying one is going to be made, but I think there is design space there.

Gypsylord, please make sure you tell us the bug after the champ is revealed :3

Okay so here's the bug:

Vi used to have an ultimate where she could throw you. She'd dash to a guy and suppress him for 1 second. During that time she could choose a direction and then toss her target that way. Created fun plays where you could throw people over walls into your team or out of team fights. The bug was that somehow the suppression was reapplying AFTER she threw her victim. Lasted a total of 5 seconds. So yeah, a throw that suppressed you for 5 seconds. OP. Bug was multilayered, multiple buffs were applying the suppression so it took 2-3 playtests to finally get rid of it.

Gypsy, is there any particular champion archetype/play-style/theme that you feel this game needs (excluding your champ). Or how long do you think it will be till the next AD carry comes out to possibly replace the current meta 3?

1) I can't name a specific one off the top of my head but I think our game needs more playstyles that challenge the player to think and interact with the game in new and different ways. Singed is a good example of this. His kit is all about movement and positioning for his poison trail. Playing singed is fundamentally different from playing any other champ. What other character will sometimes just choose to WALK IN FRONT OF YOU as you run for extending periods of time instead of stopping to autoattack?
2) I want to make a ranged AD that's a little "different." Am currently experimenting with kits and abilities. Wish I could say more. Will see what comes of it.
Forum Use Only:
Would you consider Micaiah to be the worst lord ever or do you believe that honor goes to Leaf or Roy?

She was okay...I like the mages. Not as cool and Lyn or Hector though.

Otherwise, what do you feel about a Taric that isn't going dupport? Do yo uthink he could be a viable top/mid and if you do, in what conditions. Worst case, I've heard about Jungle Taric (Innate+Q for sustain, Stun+W+R for ganks)

I've always felt like solo lane and jungle Taric could be a thing. He's seriously got the kit for it. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like people are just locked into the "Taric is a support" mindset. Kinda like how WW used to be only a jungler. He was "unlaneable" until one guy was like, "WTF I HEAL FOR 100% OF MY Q DAMAGE," and then LaneWick became OP overnight.

What were your favorite classes from FE? Do you have any FE-inspired champion ideas floating around?

High speed classes were my favorite, especially myrmidon and thief. Put angelic robes on those guys and have them go beast the enemy axe users.

What's your opinion on the built-in 0.4 second delay on actions in DotA 2? It's something they left in because it was in the WC3 engine and the game is (apparently) balanced around it, but it is the most infuriating thing about DotA2 for me, especially after playing so much league with a ~100ms ping.

I hate them. Most LoL characters feel like I'm driving a well-tuned sportscar. Most DotA2 characters feel like I'm driving a Model-T. Honestly, we've probably taken the "every action should feel perfect" thing too far recently. There's a time and place for spells that stop you from moving and AA animations that aren't instant. I just think DotA 2 takes things too far on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Do you wish you had an item named after you? and if so what would it be, and what would it do?

Gypsy's Veil. Off-shoot of Banshee's Veil. Blocks 1 auto-attack or something....

My handle as it is could probably never be in the game.
Twistedfate AD
I have the one solution to buff him on ad without overbuffing him and without any change to ap TwistedFate.

TwistedFate on ad have no scaling. Technically only his red card on W scales because its aoe.
His other cards not scale on W because he lose his autoattack dmg when he activate W. Also it deals magic dmg. You can crit W but the dmg you crit is about 59dmg up to 180 dmg (very confusing) maybee a little bit more. I donĀ“t even know what number he strike critical when he lose physical dmg and transfer it into the magic dmg throw of W.
Also he cant use his lifesteal when he activate W and you do it very often.

So here my idea comes.
Let TwistedFates "pick a card" scales with added
ad (runes, items mastery without basic attack dmg)instead of full ad. Also change the skill to an onhit effect instead modificated autohit. Means Twistedfate deals his normal physicall autoattack dmg and added the magic dmg of W on his autoattack. Then TwistedFates armor pen have more use AND the more important thing is that he can crit a high number of W.
He would have some lifesteal on his basic attack when he activate W - that would be great!
Together with sheen/trinity it will be very good.
While with this change nothing will happen to ap Twisted Fate.

Whats your opinion to my suggestion?

I honestly think we could just hook it up so his base damage could crit on W without adding in the bonuses it gives. Stuff like Garen Q, Wukong Q, and Vi E already work like this. I'd hesitate to make W part physical and part magic though. One of AP TF's "things" is that he can convert his AD to magic damage for one attack, gaining the benefits of magic pen and spell vamp.

What is your opinion on true damage, champions that offer low risk - high reward gameplay (as compared to those that range from being awful when played poorly to an absolute monster when played perfectly), and champions whose abilities scale up well so that they do good damage even without items?

True Damage - It's a very useful design tool but comes with the cost of being incredibly frustrating to players so it needs to be used sparingly. Darius and Cho ults deal True Damage for very good reasons. They both have powerful effects that only trigger if they kill a guy so they NEED to know exactly how much damage they're going to do.

Low Risk/High Reward - Champions at a baseline need to be fun to play. Ideally, all champs, regardless of their difficulty of execution, should have high moments that make the player feel good. Problems come in when the high moment happens all the time and opponents feel like they can't do anything to stop it. Darius tends to run into this. You fight him in lane and you die. He doesn't have to take significant risks for that power and his opponents often feel it's unfair. Would help if he had more windows of weakness for his lane opponent to exploit. The ult resets so he'll kill you again when you get back to lane. His pull has a huge cd but if you're a melee it only really means that there's windows where he can't act on you, there still aren't any opportunities where you can act on him.
Prof Nekko:
Hey Gypsy, are there any thoughts to tweaking Leona so she has the ability to perform in other lanes? I love her to death as a support. But I sometimes wonder "what if she was viable in other lanes?"

Leona being super strong in other lanes scares me. Remember when Lulu could go mid?

That said, she can solo lane. Trust me. She's not bad. Also guarantees kills when the jungler ganks.

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Two of my all time favorite heroes are essentially worthless.

The first being Brand, a damage only mage with medium ranges. He doesn't shine at any area possible and there is literally no reason for him to ever be used. I also feel like his laning phase is subpar. Do you (Riot) have any plans on fixing him? I've been trying for almost a year to get a red response but to avail.

The second is Warwick. He hasn't been a good jungle choice since S2 and S3 didn't change that. Simply put, having no pressure or counterganks pre 6 in solo AND competitive play means you aren't usable.

His top lane was gutted with a huge damage nerf to his Q. I greatly wish his passive would never have been remade because it didn't fix his jungling nor accomplish anything other than bring him nerfs.

Will he ever be usable again?