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I'm RiotGypsy. AMAA

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hey gyp, why hit effects dont proc spellvamp?

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Why are champions like Syndra and Elise not buffed hard enough? It's like you guys barely adjust them thinking the smallest number tweak is going to have any impact, when it's not even close to what they need.

These champions need more adjusting before you start working on other champions.

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Champion Designer




Is there a way you could forward this to Guinsoo, or a way I can show my ideas to him ? He's the one doing the main rework of Karma and since he's the most concerned about her at the moment I would love to have his impressions.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my inquiries though.


I'll let him know.
How much do you like Trundle? (better be a lot) Is it more than you like that toxic little mouse?

Not a huge Trundle fan myself His pillar is cool as hell but the rest of him is a ton of hidden power. He hurts you and he hurts you bad, but you never really realize it until it's too late.
Would a shield that blocks projectiles in a line work in LoL or is that too complicated to implement?

What I mean is something like Anivia's wall except it blocks projectiles. A deployable shield.

Could work but is possibly hard to implement. Would need to be able to intercept all missiles regardless of their targeting type. Should also probably only intercept enemy missiles. Could be a fun ability though. Dark Swarm as a support ult?
Is There another Ranged Hybrid DPS in the pipes at all?
I know its not the most popular role, but its really lacking right now. There is really only Kayle and Teemo. Could really use someone new in that department.

Hybrids are...difficult. Not sure we've got and hybrid RDPS coming up ATM. Would be fun to make one though. Hmmmm, maybe I'll concept a kit or two.
Hi RiotGypsy
I look forward to your contributions to what is an awesome game.

If you'd be so kind, please check out this champion I did a concept for for IronStylus, who hasn't seen it yet it seems


I'll be adding another one shortly - hope you can check them out


Hmm quick thoughts:
-Passive seems pretty snowbally. I like the idea of morphing spells, but am wondering if you could tie it to something other than getting "Mejai's stacks" that you lose on death.
-Q seems like its a silence that lowers damage. Silence part is strong (raka has it) AD lower part is also strong but invisible. Seems like Lulu does this in the ideal way by just stopping your autoattacks.
-W LOVELOVELOVe the bird idea. That's cool as hell. you die and give sight to your team for a bit. That could probably just be the character passive imo.
why do none of the reds ever post on the champion feedback forum?

i've been writing a weekly essay for two months now and i've never seen a single red post in any thread on that forum

my most recent one is probably my weakest but i'd still love to see that something i made was at least looked at

I think there's legal concerns there. Don't want people thinking we stole their ideas and made them into champions. Especially hard since it's easy for two people to have the same awesome idea.

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Princess Nia



Do you play Teemo as AP, on hit, or AD Bruiser.

Did you ever play FE : The Sacred Stones for the gameboy?

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Jerry Sandusky

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How many champions would you say are "in the works?" As in, if for some reason all champion designers were unable to start new champions, how many months of new releases would we still have?

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gypsylord, i have had this idea for a champ for awhile (before syndra, she is very simmiler) what do you think about it? im just wondering (i know there is prob grammar mistakes :c)

Insertnamehere the light necromancer


Insertnamehere was not a normal necromancer in a normal family, in the village that they lived in, her family we're the strongest of them all.
Insertnamehere was always pushed to be the strongest and most ruthless necromancer in the whole village, this pressure caused her to seperate from her family
Soon her family became to dispise her, they all thought her to be weak, and too kind, but they we're wrong, one day the village got attacked by a golem.
When the village was attacked, insertnamehere reacted quickly, and found a body, she used all of her powers to bring it back to life but it didnt go very well
The body didnt turn into a normal necromancer pet, it was a bright colour, and was stronger than any other than anyone elses in the whole village
She brutally destroyed the golem, and everyone fear'd her, everyone started to stay away from her, she slowly lost her bright and chearfull self
When the village's special event came, she went to have a look, when she went, everyone ran away from her
She knew that she was hated, she decided that she would stow away in the heart of the volcano next to her village.
Only the magama inside of the volcano could keep her from destroying everything, she spent 15 long year's training her skills in the volcano
Soon a messanger came to inform her that her father was going to die soon, she reacted immeadiatly, she flew back to the village
She found a dark witch called synda destroying it, she managed to ward syndra away,
She found her father on the floor, about to die, he said in his last words "Dont let this turn you bitter, do whatever you can to help people"
She had heard about the League, and sought to join it after this day, she eventually found out about it, and eventually joined it!

Basic battle tacics, and how she works

She is all about grinding at early levels to gain alot of necro'd minions, which she can then do what she wish's
Due to her ability that gives her health/mana she can sustain long battles, and stay in the lane for a long time
You can set your minions on a tower using your ulti, allowing you to quickly destroy a tower



Every time she kill's a minion, %5 chance that she will take controll of the minion using her necromancer ability's
These minions have extra health than basic minions, but less attack and are a bright rainbow colour

This attack is a skillshot, it will fire 1 of her minions at the enemy, dealing damage and stunning the enemy

She burns up all minions she has, healing mana and health for each one burn'd up
(Because of the fairly large amount of mana it costs for her abilility's, this is needed)

She takes damage, and summons a minion under her controll
(This works simmiler to mundo's attacks, costing health to summon a minion)

All minions under her control will attack the target, dealing more damage than normal and have more armour
(This attack has a large cooldown and costs alot of mana, meaning you must use your W to get the mana needed)

Also, the mana/%/dmg things are random really, just ingore them :d

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Hey Gypsy!

What are your thoughts on Jayce's kit? As a Dominion player, it seems like it's very toxic to give so much utility and damage to one champion, and that "love tap" nerf really didn't change anything there. However, in Summoner's Rift, he still seems quite strong, yet no longer OP. Do you think it was a design fail, or something that can be tweaked?

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Hmm quick thoughts:

Thanks for the feedback! I put the stacking on the passive because it's a support. I figure if Rengar and Cho can stack as more difficult to kill targets, why not a squishy ol' lady?

Glad you like the bird! If you use it in the future I shall be tickled pink

I've added another one http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...7&d=1352135406 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=553387&d=1352135406) I did if you get the time to check it out.
Thanks again for the reply, and thanks for connecting with the community - it's why Riot are the best!

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Are you going to design teemo's relatives?

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Hey Gyp

I was wondering if in the near future an Indian based champion would be made as in from india not American Indian. I ask this because many of the champions that are human are white and few are asian, and karma is black? I just think it would be cool if an indian based champion could be made. Cheers