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Some item love I think is long overdue

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I posted this in general discussion, but it may make more sense here, so I'm mirrorring it:

Xypherous, you're the go-to RIOT staff member when it comes to balancing and updating out-of-whack things like items and champions (though any response from RIOT staff would rock) So I wanted your opinion on a few items currently . . . underused in the league.
Before we get started, here's my list of items I'm going to try to give some love to, and I'm going to include rationale, though exact numbers I would leave to a balance team. The list is as follows:
- Moonflair Spellblade
- Malady/Nashor's Tooth
- Executioner's calling

Okay so let's get started with item number 1: (WARNING WALL OF TEXT)


-The problem:
Well, the problem is simply that the item is almost never used, but there's a few issues WHY it's not used. The main forces causing this are the following: with the current pace of the game, it is generally unwise for a champion to set aside a slot in his or her build for a mid-low teir item such as this. BOOTS are a required purchase for every champion anway, and since they are going to be occupying an item slot anyway, you might as well pick up the tenacity boots if you really need it because in 99% of cases, that's going to be more efficient and it doesn't waste a slot because, again, you were getting some sort of boots anyway.

-Simple solution:
Moonfair spellblade needs to NOT be quite as much of a waste of an item slot, meaning it needs to give more stats or build into something. Since giving tenacity to a high teir item seems dangerous, we can just make spellbade a bit more powerful.

-My suggestion:
Make moonflair spellblade build out of a kage's pick and cloth armour . . . possibly add in a 3rd item like a rejuvination bead a 2nd cloth armour or an amplifying tome to make the item attractive enough to use.

-Issues this solves:
1) Makes moonflair spellblade a more potent item, giving it a better shot of being used since it is not seen as quite as much of a waste of a slot.
2) A total lack of mage-friendly early armour itemization options. Mages really only have 2 armour items, which is fine, except BOTH of them build from chainmail rather than cloth armour. Sure heart of gold has cloth armour in it, but that's not the core of the item, and you set your build way behind getting early cloth armour for a frozen heart. . . and if you're a manaless mage.... then good luck. The issue this creates is that it's very difficult for mages to counterbuild vs phys damage early on, a fun part of the game, and this REALLY hurts mage-junglers or other melee mages, who, really, are the best examples I could think of for characters who might consider a spellblade anyway since mercury's reads isn't always the best option for one. And with 2 cloth armours, or a cloth armour and a rejuvination bead, you can really help those junglers buy an early item which is as useful to them as wriggle's is to their phys counterparts.
3) Kage's pick upgrades are in a weird place right now since morello's is just always a bad choice now that athene's grail exists, and really is just never a better option, and Deathfire Grasp is only REALLY useful if you are stacking lots and LOTS of AP. Again, AP junglers and other melee AP tend to build as taky mages, so neither option really works well for them, this would give them an option.

okay next item:


-The problem:
These are two different items, with different problems, but there is some overlap. It's fairly straightforward though so I'll be as terse as possible: Malady suffers from "hexdrinker syndrome" where it is just too weak to justify in an end build, but too expensive to rush. In addition it has a few other problems: stacking debuffs are something that aren't super useful until later in the game, but the price point of the item suggests that you take it early, which is a false choice. Nashor's tooth on the other hand suffers from being expensive, but not giving any sort of focused bonus. It has good stat totals, to be sure, but the mix of stats isn't really useful to may champions, and even on those it could be, the itemization for the sort of build it promotes is just terrible. Also, 25% CDR isn't as useful now as it once was since there are WAY more CDR items now, and the champions that would want this item would normally be building it for an on-hit ability that doesn't even have a cooldown. Now combined, the issues are even more: requiring increased attack speed to be effective, but clearly angled at those who scale with AP rather than AD, malady doesn't leve many options to increase your attack speed aside from a nashor's, a wit's end, an ionic spark or a guinsoo's. Wit's end, guinsoo's and Ionic spark are mid teir items, which mean that using them is going to cap your build early. And using nashor's tooth means you are very fragile with no burst potential and you wasted a lot of money to get there. As a result, even champions who SYNERGIZE with these items rarely get them.

- Simple Solution:
~Focus nashor's tooth.
~ make malady either a late game or early game item, but don' let it sit in old hexdrinker land.

- My suggestion:
The repeated allusion to hexdrinker and the fact that I'm using malady and Nashor's tooth as the same entry should have given you a hint: The suggestion is to remove ONE dagger from malady, decrease it's combining cost and remove the magic resist shred from the item. Then, rework stinger back to its old form (Faerie Charm + Dagger) as for why we are doing that? becasue 3 daggers with 3 combining cost upgrades would probably be WAY too much attack speed for a single item, it'd even outdo Sword of the Divine. Then, simply, make nashor's tooth build out of stinger and malady and give it better on-hit damage and MR shred than the current malady, with some more attack speed, but with a little less mana regen and CDR to compensate.

-Issues this solves:
1 ) Malady is no longer a false choice, it is CLEARLY an early game item cheap enough to rush on champions like teemo, an AP jungler, fizz, etc to improve their damage output on auto-attacks.
2) Nashor's tooth gains a focused purpose: AP auto-attackers. The decreased mana regen and CDR means that champions who don't need those stats won't feel like they are wasting a lot of money for them. But with a nifty passive and more attack speed, it'll be useful on all AP auto-attackers. Current Nashor's tooth may have been cost efficient, but with scizzophrenic stats, that cost efficiency may not actually BE efficient in practice.
3) Lowers the item requirement forAP auto-attackers to get started on a build like this. Currently, if you rush nashor's AND malady to beef up diana's passive, or teemo/fizz's abilities, for example, you're going t be SORELY lacking in defense, but you really won't do great damage until you get BOTH items.

Final item now


-The problem:
the item has WORSE than hexdrinker syndrome: it's exceptionally cheap but has NO upgrade path at all. At least old hexdrinker felt at least MID tier. This item is low teir.... like, lower than wriggle's lantern and with FAR less utility. As awkward as morello's is, at least it builds out of a kage's pick making it SEEM cheap, but giving you the option to hold off buying it until you need it to keep generating gold, and it's at least mid-teir, so it feels like it deserves a full item slot.

- Simple Solution:
beef up the item substantially.... oh, and don't REQUIRE it to be an activated attack when on hit works... that's just silly. Not that there's a problem with item actives, but when the item doesn't NEED an active to do its job, then it's just lazy.

- My suggestion:
Executioner's calling now builds out of an Avirice Blade and a Bilgewater Cutlass. Furthermore, the item NOW has the passive to infect with a 10% healing debuff that stacks up to 5 times OR the item can be activated to apply full stacks and slow a single target (so as not to lose bilgewater's active). The fact that without activating the item, you can't get full stacks in a single target without reeatedly attacking the same target means that you can't just "tag" all enemy units by hitting them once, which was the problem with OLD ex-call, AND the retention of an active means that melee units can still tag a unit from a range.

- Issues this solves:
1) Avirice blade actually gets a 2nd upgrade like all the other gold items get.... and it gets one that can be used than things other than melee AD carries.
2)Bilgewater cutlass is no longer a false choice for pure AD characters since, currently, it's an AWFUL waste of an item slot by itself, and it only builds into a hybrid item.
3) Executioner's Calling has enough stats to merit a place in your build without being too strong.
4) Executioner's calling REMAINS very affordable, if aviice blade is built early, due to averice blade's passive.
5) While the item offers solid stats any AD carry may like, it simply isn't ass efficient as their current optimal build itemization options, so you won't see AD carries taking theseas core build components (though tryndamere may build one de-facto :/). They will merely become ACCEPTABLE choices when the other team's make-up calls for it.

okay, so that's it for now. Thoughts, opinions? (RIOT please respond ;_ ; ) Even if it's just jozreal saying "cool", Phreak saying "Tonnes of Damage" or fruitstrike being adorable.
Xypherous, Zileas, Morello even Guinsoo, though, you're the guys I'm going for with this post (and Shurelia if she were still there..... gosh I miss her )