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Ryze item Build?

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And guess what? With Ryze, we're spamming our abilities as fast as we can.

This actually makes Lich Bane not so good on Ryze. You're spamming your spells, not auto-attacking. You spam your spells, move to a better position, rinse and repeat. The number of auto-attacks Ryze will get off should be minimal.

My standard build would be (in no particular order):
Boots - Tabi, Merc, or Sorc depending on situation. Sorc or Merc is standard. Enchantment is purely situational and preferential. They're all good on Ryze, though Distortion and Captain are far more situational.

Tear -> AA - situational upgrade; it's now fine to upgrade it earlier rather than later because of Seraph's Embrace and now that AP is better

Catalyst -> RoA or BV - BV is situational depending on matchups and team comps)

Void Staff (adds the most damage in a single item after the above core, even more than Deathcap)

Glacial Shroud -> Frozen Heart - Iceborn Gauntlet is a viable replacement, but Frozen Heart is cheaper and gives significantly more defensive capabilities

Abyssal Scepter - MR reduction screws with Void Staff a little, but it's still MR and MR reduction and AP in one nice package

Possible alternatives:
Deathcap as a final item
WotA for a AP-stacked team and sustain
Would be hilarious if it didn't take forever and a half: a second Tear for Muramana.

Edit: wait, why the heck did the above poster necro this. **** me for not reading timestamps.

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Check this out

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you might think i'm crazy but trust me on this.....

Muramana............... "Hey! But that's an AD item nub!"

Hear me out on this. Look at the passive, specifically the part where it says when toggled on, it consumes 3% of your mana to deal double that (so 6% of your mana) in damage on your auto attacks AND SINGLE TARGET SPELLS.

That means your Q and W which scale on mana for damage already, also get an extra 6% of your mana in damage added to them. And with how spam-happy ryze is, you get hella damage on this really fast. Also, if you do happen to be on cd, your autoattacks now hit like a truck too.

I like to rush Tear, stack it up asap and while i'm stacking it I build RoA. After RoA I should have Tear stacked (or at least close) and get Muramana. Then get Iceborn Gauntlet (it's godly on Ryze...you have your enemy perma-slowed). By this point game should be over. You're tanky but you practically 2-shot enemy carries. It's insane. If game isn't over yet, build situational. I like to go Banshee's Veil usually but it's your call. At this point you're so tanky with your items and spell vamp that they can't bring you down, but it doesn't matter anyway because you can insta-kill anyone you want to.

Try it and see for yourself. I didn't believe it when i was told, tried it, wtfpwnd everyone. So fun!