Avarosa's Secret Weapon

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This is a fanfic that I also posted in Lore Discussion here because it's heavily involved in the Freljord content update. This is my main guess as to how Avarosa obtained a valuable "ally" in the war against Lissandra and the Frozen Watchers. It's my first foray into fanfiction period, so I apologize in advance. Enjoy!

Avarosa sighed in her tent. She knew overthrowing the Frozen Watchers and their legions of loyal Iceborn warriors was going to be no easy task. Though her followers were loyal to their cause and she knew they would fight to the last man, the mystical power of the Watchers and her sister would be more than enough to overwhelm her brothers in arms. Already, the front lines were faltering. There were constant reports of outposts being overrun by the enemy, and neighbouring outposts being caught in pincer attacks. The few (if any) survivors were hardly able to provide any details, save that a blinding blizzard preceded any attack, which would then dissipate, leaving no trace of the camp or its inhabitants.

Something had to be done. Fortunately, a scout that Avarosa had sent to the Lokfarian peninsula to garner support had made his return. He burst forth into her tent, his breath visibly haggard in the cold air.

“My lady! News from Lokfar.” He panted.
“Go on, brother. Tell me what.” Avarosa said.

“I regret to inform you that no aid will come from Lokfar. However, my party and I did happen upon a cave lightly guarded by the Iceborn. There were wards upon the entrance that indicated something was sealed inside. My lady, this could be a way to defeat the Iceborn!”

Something about this news made Avarosa hopeful, but uneasy. Avarosa thanked the scout and dismissed him. Perhaps the Iceborn elders in her camp knew something of this cave and the weapon contained within. She went to the tent where they were sitting in a circle, chanting ancient Freljordian in a prayer to bestow new fighting spirit unto the Iceborn rebels. They were ancient men and women, but with an air about them that commanded respect, and fear. They were shaped by the frigid air and hard ice of Freljord. As a child, Avarosa and her sisters often joked that even their blood was ice, and they bled snow.

“Elders,” Avarosa bowed. “Scouts report that a cave in Lokfar may contain a weapon powerful enough to defeat the Watchers. Lissandra’s men have been stationed outside, though it would be easy to dispatch them and secure the location. Do any of you know what this weapon is?”

The elders began muttering amongst themselves in their ancient tongue, and after what appeared to be some arguing, the one at the far end of the circle stood up. Though he was quite old, his body still clung to his younger days, his arms and legs shaped by many wars. “This cave you speak of does indeed contain a great weapon, young Avarosa. A weapon of such terrible and magnificent power, that it was sealed, lest the wrong hand should direct its fury. Nothing short of true ice, and a great deal at that, can hold it. Although your cause is just, its power will consume and destroy everything if left unchecked. I implore you to not seek it out.

Avarosa pleaded, “But elder, this could be our chance! What if we just reseal it and-“

“No, it is out of the question. You will find some other way to defeat the Watchers, and that is final.” The other elders murmured their agreement.

Frustrated and angry, Avarosa left the tent. In her mind, the Elders were fools who had knowledge but refused to act on it. Avarosa would secure freedom for her people or die trying. She located the scout who had reported to her earlier, and requested with a somewhat commanding tone that he would show her the cave. After one week of preparations, she and her party left the camp, putting her best lieutenant in charge during her absence.

The trek to Lokfar was long, cold, and unforgiving. After a fortnight, or what Avarosa assumed to be a fortnight, as the sun was blotted out by snow, she and what was left of her party came upon the cave. It was huge and gaping, so large that one could place three Freljordian boars on top of each other, and still have space to spare. All around the entrance were ancient Freljordian runes signifying ‘retreat’, ‘turn back’, and ‘power’. Freezing the guards solid with her enchanted bow, she and her party went into the cave. As they passed the living frozen statues, water trickled down their foreheads.

The cave was pitch black save for the torches they carried. There were no additional guards inside, though there was the occasional skeleton, not all of them human. As they ventured deeper it became warmer, as if they were coming upon the core of Runeterra itself. A final stone arch came into view, shaped by man and magic, and showed that they were upon the great weapon. They stepped inside, and were met with darkness as the stone arch closed, a gust of wind coming seemingly from nowhere snuffed their torches. They were alone in the dark, save for one light at the far end of the room.

Avarosa and her company approached it, and saw that the light was a flame, suspended in a slab of true ice. Even so, the ice was warm. The slab was etched with words which read, as one of her ancient freljordian-fluent party members told them:

Whoever so happens upon this flame
Speak your purpose and declare your name
‘Ere it grows, it finds your desire true
Else it rages, and will run you through
Should your life stay in tact
Rest your hands here to seal the pact
But be ye warned, before you walk this path
It will reduce all you know and love unto ash.

Avarosa’s will could not be shaken. Her party begged her to reconsider lest the flame refuse her wish, but what greater purpose is there than to free your people? She kneeled before the flame and spoke. “Great Flame, I am Avarosa of Freljord. I come to you seeking your help in defeating the evil Frozen Watchers, securing freedom for the Iceborn and all who dwell on Runeterra.” After finishing, Avarosa backed away, awaiting judgment. The flame stood still. And after what seemed like an eternity, it grew exponentially, nearly filling its icy prison. Avarosa and the Iceborn were frightened, but Avarosa knew she had come too far to turn back now. She placed her hands upon the slab, her palms practically blistering from the heat. The ice shattered, sending Avarosa flying to the ground and a sea of flame burst forth, instantly turning her party to ashes before they had a chance to scream. Avarosa alone was left. Opening her eyes, she saw two burning embers, like eyes, in the dark chamber.

“Hello, Avarosa.” The voice was audible fire, crackling in her ears. “Ready to set the world on fire?”