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"All In Xin," The Offensive Xin Zhao - My Kind of Overpowered Hero

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you don't take lantern for creep killing. You take it for an early damage boost and the armor + life steal.
You usually only take it against a team that is heavy phys dmg.

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You can just STFU right now. Xin is an amazing initiator and carry if opposing team is teribad, but about everything you just said was ****in stupid.

1. Never start with vampiric, hes ****in melee, he has built in heal, and doesnt do enough dmg early lvls to make it matter

2. Berserkers Boots - Nuff said

3. Xin is not a tank, Xin is not support, buying Starks in place of Bloodthirster is dumb as **** unless your NOT dying, and NOT focused

4. If I ever see a Xin put Glacial Shroud/Frozen Heart in there inventory, Ill leave the god **** game. You are stupid.

5. Banshees is SITUATIONAL at best, and pretty much ONLY if they have a caster carry that is FOCUSING you every fight, THEN you buy it, and ONLY then.

6. Wits End. Shut your stupid mouth.

Honestly there are dozens of guide for xin, ALL of them viable, but you seriously just ****in failed in every possible way with this, and who the **** are you to make a guide at lvl 10 with like 25 games played GJ.

-40% Bow thing I cant recall right now

If your getting focused and ass raped, stop initiating and wait for someone else. No ****in reason to buy tanky **** on XIN unless you PLAN ON TANKING.

Way to be an ass about it man. I've tried standard dps carry builds, but imo there's other champs that can fullfill this role better. In my experience tanky dps is definately the way to go, no intention to tank either.

P.S. Sorry OP, your build looks pretty bad. If it fits your playstyle and you rock with it, more power to you! But anyhow I'd recommend to try many different builds and just pick out the one you like best. Just expect your opponents to become better as you level/win matches as well.

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lol so much unnecessary flame.

- Vampiric Sceptre: Each champ starts with ~40-60 AD. 12% Lifesteal on an autoattack heals for only 4.8-7.2 HP. Xin is near the bottom of that range at the start.
Then you get hit in the face by your 2 enemies for 60-80 damage for being melee and getting in range of their spells. So it's not really a good investment for laning.

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Hotshots has shown some high elo Xin play. He gets all the flat pen/as items starting with Sword of the Divine, then Ghostblade, (Brutalizer) and Starks iirc. Runes: Marks and Quints both Armor Pen, give you 29 Pen at Level 1. Then you get 35 plus 20 debuff from starks and 30 from SotD active for a total of 84 and 114 flat armor pen with active, which will hit like a truck.

I think he maxes Q first. You harass with E followed by Q then attack attack attack for basic lane harass.

If you reach 2.0+ AS you'll have your ulti like every 30 seconds.