[Guide] Twisted Fate - piercing their defences

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Hello everybody, I decided to write a little on how I see playing as TF. First of all gotta say : TF is squishy and very team-dependant in early game, keep that in mind or you won't have enough fingers to count your deaths :P This guide is NOT about you playing the most important role in your team, neither about you owning everybody around. You are here to help your team against this bunch of armor and HP stacking ******s. I realize there are other 1v1 useful builds or others that let you farm more effective, but this one is for those, who feel they are being underestimated. Don't let them force it upon you, TF is really decent AD/IAS champ if played properly. And red card area damage can be used even more effectively than Wild cards piercing ability. Of course, if you wanna play AP/hybrid, there are plenty of guides out there; this one id for ass whooping AD one.

As summoner skills i usually pick exhaust and teleport. You may say wtf u need 2nd teleport since his ulti is one. And my answer is : mobility. Since you have 2 teleportation spells it's easy to keep one of them always ready to use, and that means you can be anywhere in notime. Jumping across the map every minute or 2.. now this is some guerilla xP Also putting point in improved exhaust makes it help u much more in getting an easy kill.

Masteries - my choice is 9/0/21, going for magic penetration in attack tree and regeneration and CDR in utility.

Runes : I suggest taking CDR/lvl glyphs, CDR seals and armor penetration marks. Flat HP quints will help you survive longer early game.

I won't write much about skills - if u played TF at least once, u know what they are about. I suggest leveling them in following order :

1. Pick a card
2. Stacked deck
3. Stacked deck
4. Pick a card
5. Stacked deck
6. Destiny

Basically that's it, after lvl 7 just maximize Stacked deck and Pick a card in any order u like, still picking Destiny when available. Taking Pick a card as your first skill will let you harass with red cards, last hit minions with blue or bite enemy hero while stunned with goldie. Just pick one that is useful in your situation and keep an eye on ur mana. If you can't pick the one u need - train, and train a lot, cause this skill is what makes TF excellent. Picking gold card in right moment often gets u *almost* free kill.

Now with items :
1. for starters i take a dagger and a health potion. First one compensates taking Pick a card as first skill (you'll need it for zerk boots anyway) and second.. well, you know you wanna stay in lane as long as possible, right?
2. when you have ~1550 gold go back and upgrade ur dagger to zerk boots (if ur team sucks at covering carry toon, you might use Merc treads) and buy recurve bow. You can get back for boots earlier if u feel the need of getting another potion and just happen to have enough gold.
3. now, getting madred's bloodrazor should take priority. Just build it step by step trying not to die in the process.
4. If u have madred's now it's time for last whisper. Just get another recurve bow, farm minions and maybe few enemies and upgrade it. Well, now u have some punch, but are still squishy.
5. If u have problems with survivability take a peek at that giant's belt. You want it, don't you? well, if not then farm a little bit more and get urself a BF sword. Just remember, if you aren't playing against bunch of jackasses, you'll need that belt anyway.
6. Upgrading that BF sword to black cleaver takes priority now. It gives you quite a punch and lets you finally see their defence in negative numbers ;> twisted? it's just a beginning.
7. Now you should focus on building up stark's fervor. Just like before - buy recurve bow and then upgrade. It will give you and your friends some nice IAS and, guess what?, another 20 armor reduction to all enemies around. Keep 'em coming
8. Now the final touch - i suppose you bought that giant's belt somewhere in between, now upgrade it to frozen mallet. It will give you nice HP boost and prevent your enemies from escaping (what shouldn't be a problem anyway, since you know what your shiny red and gold cards are for, right?).

There's still an option of picking youmuu's instead of mallet (more armor penetration) but you should realize you'll die right away when ganked, so either forget it or pick if you are playing against really weak team.. and that rather won't happen :P

Now, I know that getting all those items takes a lot of time, but be patient, hunt dragon asap and kill whatever u can for extra gold. Just remember, the longer the game lasts, tle more enemy team is getting ****ed up. It's really funny to see enemy Garen with stacked sunfires being screwed up easily by such squishy TF in mere seconds. Just remember, gold card is your best friend. And if the other guy has cleanse, just cast exhaust, move back a little and bash him with another gold card - on lvl 18 your CDR and golem buff should allow it easily.
About mana regen items/spells - you don't really need them. All you use it for is Pick a card, and that will be covered by your masteries, golem buff, and jumping across the map and back to base (2 teleports FTW). Teleports also allow you to quickly push even 2 lanes with single minion wave in few seconds while enemy team is locked in battle with your buddies on middle lane.
If the game lasts longer than it takes you to get all those items, then that means you have some gold to spare. Just catch an elixir or two (fortitude and agility) and show some lost lamb how Fate is really twisted. Happy hunting, tank slayers!