bruiser/sustain Diana?

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i know right now her burst is too strong to waste on a top lane sustain/bruiser.

But, out of boredom/curiosity, im trying to figure out the most effective way to build her as an ap bruiser. maybe if she gets her ratio's nerfed then this will end up being her role in the future?

the following build has lots of health (3500), good attack speed, and still has 235 AP.

Merc Treads
Rod of Ages
Trinity Force

does anyone have suggestions for improving it?

again, im not saying this is as good as building her burst, i just want to figure out what her build would look like if she was being built for sustain/melee dps.

edit: is hextech gunblade a reasonable replacement for trinity force? it lowers her hp and attack speed a little, but provides more damage and gives lifesteal