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Better ward display

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you know when you place a ward the circle with the range appears and you cant really tell where the ward will go... I mean i just see the little target X, could you add a dot where the ward will go and a huge circle around it to show the range of the ward (sort of like gragas' ult)
this has nothing to do with me being a noob or something I just feel that you should see exactly where the ward will be placed to not put any ward out of a bush or in front of the wall you want it behind, this will make it easier.

like this (http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSrmdbFumjl8xlZt5XvrAId0NcUwkJ1eR_8OYuEqdMpNpnJrIDvoM_gPaXjfw)
not like this

Since you guys disabled ignite on minions to avoid accidental ignites I don't see how this would be different to avoid bad wards or miscalculated ward range and see the ward range difference from the mastery : scout vision +5%