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Ranked Is F**ked up

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The MissPwnage:
That did no answer my question what so ever, You can't carry such people

Your question didn't really need answering we both know you can't be expected to win when somebody is doing that but trolls are something both teams need to deal with so you can't use it as an excuse for not gaining elo over time. Yes, you might lose that game but all you can really do is report them and move on and try not to carry the bad feeling into the next game with you.

The next game you play should be easier to win since you are now playing against people that are a few elo worse than the ones you were just up against and since you haven't gotten any worse it should be easier to win, riiight?

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No point arguing with them Jack. These are the people who deserve to be low elo, but are in denial about it and so say that they just can't carry the feeders and trolls.