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Youmacon 2012 Detroit,MI November 1-4th LoL Pre-Tournament and at Con Tournament

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*This thread will be receiving updates as soon as they become availible*

Youmacon 2012 website: http://www.youmacon.com/index

What is Youmacon?
Youmacon is not only Detroit's first and only Anime Convention, it's also one of the fastest growing fan conventions in the country! With over 10,000 people last year coming to enjoy our 24 hour programming, great industry guests, and cosplay contests, we've had to expand this year yet again.

Youmacon 2012 will be held at both the Renaissance Center, and at Cobo Hall.

Along with the amazing content of the convention itself. Youmacon is also known for something else. Its game room and this year it is looking to be bigger than ever.

Now to the actual Tournament info:

Currently we are trying to show interest in a League of Legends tournament at Youmacon but due to pc and time restraints we will be throwing a pre tournament online and run top 8 or top 4 at the con itself, BUT in order for this to even happen we need people to show interest first so im going to post a link below to the thread on the youmacon boards and facebook event page. More info will be posted here as soon as it becomes availible. Also if you have any questions post here or shoot me a email

Send an e-mail to [email]t3productions4353@gmail.com[/email] with your team name and rosters and with any questions that you have.

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/135971296546034/

Youmacon forum post: http://forums.youmacon.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12244



If the event happens it will be streamed!