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Should this item be made?

Yes. 2 33.33%
No. 0 0%
Needs some rework. 4 66.67%
Voters 6 .

[Item Suggestion] Berserker Club! Suggestions Please!

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As of right now, the only item that can offer Attack Speed and Lifesteal is Zeke's Herald. Now I admit a biased as I am a Brolaf main who genuinely misses his Stark's Fervor. So far I have had two items taken away from me, OLLLLLLLLLD Malady, as in Attack Speed and Lifesteal, and Starks Fervor (Which I miss most for the aoe armor reduction.) I still build Zeke's Herald in place of Starks Fervor on Olaf, but later into my build.

Waaaay back I used to get Malady on Sion, 50% Attack Speed and 15% lifesteal, it was really great with Enrage, but now I can't find anything to really supplement the loss. I have tried running lifesteal quints, to help me stay in the lane forever, but honestly I can't really flush out my build on my olaf, his passive really works for the attack speed and vicious strikes for the lifesteal, but often times I have to save vicious strikes until i'm at half health to get the same effect, this has become a problem with the release of Darius, I don't think he is OP, honestly I find him really balanced, but getting BROMACIA to half health generally means 5 stacks of hemorrhage, which means pain when that ult drops. My idea for a new item would be similar to Starks but with less effect across a team fight (because reducing 20 armor on everyone nearby I think is a little much.)

The item would incorporate an often times requested item, The Brutalizer, honestly I've seen literally dozens of posts of people asking for a different build route, although this will likely make the idea of the item I have in mind overpowered, incorporating too much in one item, *Cough* Trinity Force *Cough* (JK I know thats the point of the item.)
Open to ideas on stats, name, build route, costs, everything, just keep the fundamental idea the same please:

(Whatever you think it should be called.)
+50% AS
+30 AD
+15% CDR
+20 Armor Pen
+12% LS
3600GP (763)
Recurve Bow ---------------------------------The Brutalizer ----------------------------- Vampiric scepter
+ 40% AS +25 AD + 10 % LS
+10 % CDR
+15 Armor Pen
Cost: 1050GP----------------------------------1337 (507) GP--------------------------------------450GP

This is completely open to suggestions and I would genuinely appreciate constructive feedback, not necessarily nice, but certainly logical.

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Senior Member


There are cases where a next tier item does not actually increase a stat given by the lower tier. I think that should be the case with CDR on your Berserker club. Leave it 10%. The idea is to keep a RADC from getting much (if any) CDR. That's Riot's vision of how to balance LoL. To compensate, move the Life steal up to 15%.
I'd be fine with the addition of Life Steal but not flat Attack Speed as well. Drop the Bow from the recipe and reduce the cost. I imagine a unique passive for this item, mimicking and synergizing with the Maw of Malmortius. Like this: Your champion gains +1% Attack Speed for each 2.5% of health that he is missing.

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Even with the reduced CDR, it'd still be providing too many stats for the ADC. Yes, the item 3600 gold, but remember how cheap a Brutalizer is, and bear in mind how powerful that item is, especially early game.

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It just offers everything in really decent amounts making it too strong.

AD carries could get it easily, as well.