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Riot playing catchup

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by no means do i at all even imply that i want any metagame to stay, let alone this tanky DPS one. and honestly to a degree it does seem like riot just gives in to a lot of the QQ threads (huge spam of them) and actually nerf the champs being complained about, and most of those threads are based on champions that counter their current meta/playstyle such as kogmaw.
so basically for a straight forward example, i think if they nerf kogmaw just because he fully counters the current meta and theres lots of QQ about it, that isn't balance. the meta will move on. you should not be "balancing" current players due to current situations. meaning kogmaw is OP because he counters the meta, nerf him. teemo is UP because he isn't part of the meta, buff him. you're just shifting things up and down getting the water bed affect without accomplishing anything.

things need to be looked at on the large scale, and if people try to play a certain champ comp all the time but its being countered...well good thats what they get for not being diverse in their picks ya know? regardless of the current meta a well rounded team will most likely prevail, as it should, and as things should be balanced towards.

i don't even mean to sound like im saying the tanky DPS meta shouldn't get nerfed, because maybe it does deserve it (tho honestly i haven't had a problem with it), but most of the time people are just too lazy to consider the counters and adapt their play that they scream for nerfs.