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New potentional game items?

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Junior Member


1.Soul Edge
(+60 attack damage)
(+25% attack speed)
(+15% life steal)
Unique Passive
(On ability use or basic attack increase your attack damage by 3 for 7 seconds) Stacks 8 times

BF Sword+ Zeal + vampiric scepter+ Long Sword-+ 450 Gold.

2. Frostbane

(+ 50 attack damage)
(+ 450 health)
(+ 500 mana)


Stuns all nearby enemies for 1 second and slows there attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
4 minute cool down.

Phage+ Pickaxe+ Tear of Goddess

3. Hell/ Heaven

Unique activation switch between Hell or Heaven mode

(+ 70 attack damage)
+( 15% attack speed.
+( 10% lifesteal)
Unique passive when hit by basic attacks or abilities you gain 15% attack speed Stacks once

(+ 20 mana regen)
(+40 hp regen)
(+20% Cooldown reduction)
Unique Aura nearby allies gain 15 hp regen and 5 % Cooldown reduction

Vampric Scepter+ BF Sword+ Shurelias Revere + 100 gold.
(+ 5% movement speed)
(Switch between Hell or Heaven mode)

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Yuan Shikai

Senior Member


1. Considering this is more expensive than a Bloodtthirster but overall worse in the price/efficency department, I dunno why anyone would ever buy it, also, stats like the Crit and MS of Zeal do not just dissapear on transition.

2. Hard CC on an item will NEVER happen, Riot does not want that, especially not multiple targets.

3. Shurelia's reverie already is a legendary tier item and legendary tier items to not build into anything else EVER.