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RandyShuggs 1900 ELO Top Solo Guide

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Hey everybody this is my first live stream of exclusive top solo play in platinum elo. I'm going to show anyone who is interested in learning how to improve their top play how to do so.

Step 1
Pick a champion that you can carry with. This needs to be someone who can dominate lane and also bring something to team fights mid and late game.

Step 2
If you are winning lane you need to make a decision on where to help next. Winning 1 lane is fine but helping your teammate win his lane as well will almost guarantee victory.

Step 3
Take charge of your team and tell them exactly what to do. Be the leader. This is pretty self explanatory. If your team doesnt have this role you will be at a significant disadvantage.


Thanks for the support and I hope you can learn something from watching.

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>top lane guide
>playing lee sin jungle