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Getting your friends into the game - A guide for mid-level players.

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Hello everyone. I have recently started playing LoL and I feel that I am somewhere around the mid-level when it comes to the game. I just wanted to leave some feedback and some advice for newer players or players who are trying to get their friends into the game. I have managed to bring my circle of friends into the game so I have seen many pitfalls that often turn away newer players. The tutorial, while being a great start, is missing many important parts of the game that a newer player will not be aware of at all.

Part 1 - First Steps - Hero Selection.

LoL has some of the most unique champions I have ever seen in this style of game and the characters feel refreshing. There has been very few times that I have felt "RNGed" which is a significant factor over the bash happy heroes of DotA. However, I have started to come across the same heroes every time. When teaching your friends how to play, there is really only a small pool of champions that either you or your friends should be playing. Team composition is easily the most important part about this game. The Recommended list of heroes is a very bad idea for the newer players as some of the heroes on that list cannot really contribute to a team and discourage the player from even learning other heroes.

The heroes that stand out most in my opinion are Warwick, Kayle, and Ryze, (Annie to a lesser extent)

While these heroes seem very easy to play at first, the metagame that has trickled down to even the simplest of characters requires a higher level of finesse for these 4 champions. Ryze and Annie are especially easy targets and are often focused and killed first while not have the long range of Ashe, Teemo, and Tristana.

Warwick and Kayle, on the other hand, just dont seem like they really do enough without having a VERY strong understanding of the character or of LoL in general. They often feel useless and are unable to contibute as much as other characters, hurting the overall experience of the newer player. The carry position is a generally hard slot to fill but as long as you are there with them giving them the proper item build, they can feel like a strong contributor to the team.

  • The characters I have had the most success with in a learning standpoint are Nunu, Malphite, Fiddlesticks(Really only with people that have had DotA experience), Nasus, Amumu, Ashe, and Teemo.

All of these heroes have 1 thing in common, they bring something big to the team. Malphite in my opinion stands out as I feel that he is the best hero overall in the game. He is hard to kill, has strong versatility, and his ultimate gives a sense of power to the newer players. People want to feel like they are contributing instead of just sitting there and being useless. These heroes are strong gateway heroes that really can get your friends excited and want to play the game more.

However, the recommended items for most of these heroes are absolutely terrible for the current metagame, so as the veteran teaching your friends how to play, make sure you give them the proper skill and item builds. While the metagame might seem far off for your friend, many of the strategies are very effective. This also has the bonus of allowing your friend to get used to the item interface and see exactly what items are available. After some games, gauge the playstyle of the newbie and see how he reacts.
  • Are they skittish and prefer range? - Give em a long ranged physical hero or caster.
  • Do they like to get into the fray and are often focused because of it? - Give them a tank.

Melee dps is usually a VERY bad idea to suggest to your starting friends, Only the most experienced players can really shine with a squishy melee dps. This requires strong experience with LoL. Melee dps are often focused and killed as soon as possible.

  • Characters with skillshots are often a coinflip, some players LOVE the idea of skillshots and the reward effect they feel when they connect with one. Some players would rather just point and click.

Hero selection for your friends is not the only thing that matters however. You, as the veteran, need to play a hero that you are very familiar with. Tanks are the most influential part of LoL at the moment. Without good tanks, your team has nothing. When in doubt, play a tank for your friends, a terribly played carry can look amazing if they have a strong tank or 2 in the front.

The best summoner spells to start with are heal and teleport (or exhaust for your very offensive friends) These spells have minimal creativity and introduce

Part 2 - Playing a game

With the current matchmaking system, If you premade with your friend and have a decent rating, it can often turn out catastrophic. You are essentially throwing your friend into the fire and seeing if they burn or not. For some people, this works, for most you are not going to see much success. The best option is to create a new account along with your friend to be able to start on newbie island.

Sometimes, the matchmaking will still be buggy and pair you with level 23s on your very first game. If you see any characters on the opposing team with flash, you need to be inform your friend about the ability and to be careful around that character. He/she will often have superior experience and you personally should mark them as a target you watch out for.

Make sure to lane with your friend so that you can teach them the ropes. As hilarious as it is to see your friend fight ashe solo mid(ASM) for the very first time, it is often counterproductive. Make sure to point out the brush in particular. The brush is one of the most dangerous areas for newbies that is not explained in the tutorial.

  • A major pitfall for new players is the turret mechanics and how hard they actually hit. Make sure to inform the player about the turret AI and how they should be careful.

  • Neutral creeps are a HUGE part of LoL currently, make sure you point out the various neuts and buffs/benefits that you can receive from these creeps, this information is not readily available to a newer player. I will always remember the first time a level 1 Corki popped out of the woods with a lizard buff and pushed my face in with me having no idea that he was doing a 50 dps dot on me.

From here on, the only thing that is really going to help is experience, get on vent/skype with your friend and get a few games in with them so they can see what the heroes are capable of. Most of these games have a VERY mean level of entry, stick with it, and make sure to point out even the most obvious things. Lastly, make sure your friend is having fun! When it comes down to it, its just a game that we play for fun.

Part 3 - What next?

At this point, your friend has probably gotten off of newbie island and has started to choose new heroes/find new builds. The next place that you should direct them is the Guide forums. There are MANY quality guides that explain the ins and outs of heroes. It is really up to each individual player to determine their rate of growth. Masteries are another part that is not explained that well in a tutorial. It is often a feature of the game that really pulls in some players to the unique flavor of LoL. Make sure to explain the different masteries/what benefits they offer. Currently, I feel that the most useful mastery is the 15% magic pen in the offense tree followed by the utility tree. Every persons mileage may vary in this case.

I hope this guide proves useful to getting newer people into the community and I hope to continue to improve it in the future. This is a work in progress that I feel can still be improved. If you have any advice or feedback I am more than willing to take it or if you have any success or failure stories, feel free to share them in the thread so that others can learn what works/does not work.