Old Kat to New Kat (Ability Order)

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Any advice on a build order for New Kat? AP Kat mind you since AD seems less viable now.

I used to go pretty heavy into Shunpo first, but with the new ratios, and spammableness, maybe I should go into W more first instead or even her knives? It's really hard for me to tell now.

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The standard Kat skilling order used to max Q first for better farming and harrassing, since maxing E was risky against many mids.

Now though, it hits for peanuts unless you can trigger the marks, especially at the lower ranks. I'm thinking 2-3 points in Q for last hitting and casual free harrass, then max W, and then either max Q for more damage, or E for mobility.

I guess it will largely come down to personal playstyle though, since using W can be risky for the same reason that the old Shunpo build was.