Gold Mid laner LF 5v5 team for tourney's

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Hi there I main mid lane but I play a great everything except top. I have over 1400 games played in ranked this season alone, I've been playing since Season 1. I am looking for a 5v5 team for the tourney's happening or just a 5v5 team in general. add me in game to try me out or to talk.

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GoodGuyGaming3, G3, is always looking for new talent Our organization is based around positive, playing with constructive criticism. We do not tolerate rangers. We have many ranked teams that play on various days/times. Our community is built around players who want to play in a positive environment without ranging. Please visit our website to apply.

Mrs. Draconis
Tournament and Marketing Manager and Co-Founder of GoodGuyGaming3 (G3)