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Alistar the bull

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Okay... nobody really pays much attention to Alistar at all.
but if you read his story its so... comforting! and kinda heart warming =D

"Alistar's once noble soul slowly twisted, and he would have been lost to insanity if not for Ayelia, a young servant girl who befriended him and eventually arranged for his escape. Suddenly free, Alistar joined the newly-formed Institute of War as a champion, hoping to one day visit his final vengeance against Noxus and to find the girl who once again gave him hope."

I say... they should make Ayelia a champion too
except she's dedd and a ghost
and she's support class =D!
so she can like... buff others and help them escape like she did for alistar
in fact i've got a cool skill maybe an ultimate

-Lasting hope = increases the duration of all positive buffs on a friendly champion for 3/4/5 seconds

this would work great with many people to keep them alive longer and to just make them stronger.
combine this with some nice buffing moves and its quite sweet.

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For you my friend