riot plz fix your matchmaking

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im sick of playing in a group with my friends (we are all bronze and silver) and getting paired against gold and diaomnd players just because they are also a 5, its not fair to us and the skill difference makes the match not fun and frankly very frustrating, players should be matched according to skill level, even if they are a 5, if someone in your group is a silver then everyone should play against silvers, if u have a diamond a gold and 3 bronze u should have to play against diamond, it should match u with a team equal to the highest skill level in your group, also if you have a good game and u have one person that costs u a game(i.e. the miss fortune that ran away as soon as a teamfight broke out in my last game, leaving us to fight every fight 4v5) u shouldnt b punished with a loss, i went 25/7 on evelynn, clearly it isnt my fault we lost, something needs to be done.