War40k Dark Millenium

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I so cant wait for it to come out. Im bored with the standard swords and sorcery game. Theyre all the same and its getting old. I played WoW since it first launched half a decade ago, and it would be so refreshing to play something sci-fi for a change. Forget star trek online, its lame with little content and short lived pvp battles, forget Eve online, i want more than just a to be a flying ship.

Ive been a warhammer 40k fan for years, and its about time they got to making an MMO. I just hope they dont screw it up the way GW let EA/MYTHIC ruin Age of Reckoning. Supposedly you can use cover to hide behind to take less or totally negate damage and i heard you have to actually aim your weapon to be able to use it, which is going to primarly be a ranged game, although space marines will probably be able to equip jump packs and chain/power swords and go assault marine. Ill definately roll a space marine, although im hoping you can be more than one type of marine, like an Apothecary or Terminator or a Devestator. It would be lame if theres just one type of Space Marine and that being just a plain old Tactical Marine. Too bad theyye not releasing it till 2012 , the year the Mayan's say the world is going to end. Gonna be a shame the human race will come to end b4 that game comes out (kidding...i hope).