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Deathfire grasp weaker version.

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I've been using DFG for awhile now. It's a great item and has big role in many champions' rotation. However, it offers no protection and too little AP to be first or second items.

However, unlike sheen or lichbane, DFG is a "use" item and the player needs to have a habit of using it, but as I explained above, rushing it early cripples their laning phase while having it too late really mess up the rotation.

I think we need a weaker (and cheaper) version of DFG so people could have a complete rotation early without messing up the laning.

I'd suggest a replace of blasting wand with a weaker version of DFG.

Components: Blasted wand or 2 books.
Upgrading Cost: 400g.
Total Price: 1260g.
Stats: 50 AP.
Unique active: Deals magic damage to target champion equal to 25% of their current Health (No bonus from AP) with a minimum of 100 damage (60 second cooldown).

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The point you are missing is that DFG is not ideal for every or even most AP champs. If you are a burst mage like Leblanc or Viegar then this item is great to rush because it provides a great amount of damage to your already scary combo. Where as if you are Lux or morg it does not benefit you much at all.

IF you are getting it on champions that are not single target bursters then you are likely not going to find it as effective or worthwhile.

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i always use DFG as an opener to my spell rotation since thats when its going to do the most damage . if you use any nukes before it but plan on using the dfg your just lowering the damage output on it(unless of course they have banshees in which case you pop that first)