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Who's the best champion for a high attack/damage and a high health?

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Judas Priest

Senior Member


I'm too lazy to do the comparison because it's meaningless.
However, if you really want to know, here is the webpage with all champion basic statistics


I used the statistics from this page to do the comparison you mentioned. Considering how the champion would be at level 18, the champions with most HP (initial + per level) and most damage (initial + per level) are:

1. Skarner
2. Cho'Gath
3. Kassadin
4. Amumu
5. Alistar
6. Urgot
7. Olaf
8. Blitzcrank
9. Taric
10. Nasus

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Wrath of Tim

Junior Member


These kind of questions are pointless, you are bound to fail with whatever suggested hero because I are ignoring so much depth for theoretical numbers. Please give more specific info about what type of heroes you like i.e. ranged/ad vs ap ect.

its people like you that fail to help someone that tend to make the game less enjoyable. i wish they would make a region just for players such as yourself and all other toxic players. im only level 9 and even i understood the question just fine. obviously the player didnt mind what the range or anything else was. he/she just simply wanted to know which was the best statistically.

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Senior Member


Mundo builds almost entirely Health, and then has an AD steroid the gives 100 AD at rank 5, plus a passive effect that gives him AD based on missing HP%.

Some other champions that soak damage while dishing it out include Olaf, Darius, Garen, Renekton, Cho'Gath, Singed, Volibear, Amumu, Sejuani, Nautilus, Malphite, and probably some more I'm forgetting...

Now, of course, its not always easy to get damage out of all these champs, as most of them are tanks, but once you learn where that magical line is between the necessary amount of tankiness, and the rest damage, then you will sustain long on the tears of frustrated noobs, and laugh hard at their cries of "omg OP".