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Fiora v. Malphite

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So I played as Fiora against a Malphite. I'm very aware of his huge burst and tankyness post 6 so my goal was to kill him early in game.

So I started with Q first then began harassing right away since he was harassing me with his slow thing. After I got to Lv.2, I got E right away used it and Q auto Q auto auto. I used ignite but he got away with like 30 health or something. I had like around 150 of mine luckily.

Question is, must I always continue to try to kill Malphite early to actually win the lane? I didn't want to just farm because it was obvious he was gonna harass me sooner or later and get more tankier as time flies. And I hate having the feeling to just let my jungle babysit me.

Just for the record, It was a blind pick so I had to play Fiora. I kinda wanted to play against various players so I did blind pick on a purpose. Though I am not that much of a player and enjoy custom games, I mained Fiora for quite a while and I do know her weaknesses and strengths.

My question would lie on how can a Fiora remove Malphite early in game. Does constant pokes weaken him? What would you do? What's Malphite's cd's and weaknesses? Also, I took exhaust and ignite as my summoner spells just because I find it easier that way, and I always ward so I don't usually get ganked unless mid bot.

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Yes. Pretty much win early because he will become too tanky to kill in a few levels and after a few items. Once he gets Ninja Tabi, he should win the lane.

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It would be wise to ask your jungler for a lvl 2 gank. Save your exhaust for when your jungler comes. At the very least this burns the malphites flash and if you're lucky a first blood.

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