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New game mode suggestion

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Instead of choosing each game sommoner spells each player will be able to choose a kind of pet he wants.

3 kinds of pets

Deals allot of damage
Low health
Gets revived 30 after seconds after death
Passive: when X alive his master (the champion) gets bonus AD and AP
Ability: X (the name of the pet) bites her target dealing damage and decreasing his armor for a short doration
Ability: X attak his target as hard as he can, stunning him for 0.5 seconds and dealing 20% of the targets health to himself and his target, he cant fight for 5 seconds after using that ability

Deals very low damage
Very high health
Gets revived after 60 seconds after death
Passive: when X alive his master gets bonus armor and magic resist
Ability: X Taunt her Target for 1/1.5/2 (depends on level) second
Ability with 500 seconds CD: X can shield his master for 5 seconds or until he dies, when his master is under the shield his master cant attak and cant be debuffed/damaged, X cannot move until the shield is off and if he dies the shield gets destroyed

Deals no damage at all
Very low health
Gets revived after 45 seconds
Can be controled by master by clicking ALT (all other pets only follow and attak the same target the master does)
Uses mana (low reganeration)
Ability: X can disappear for 10 seconds and in that time she cant be controlled by master or heal him
Ability: can place ward evry 180 seconds
Ability: can heal his master for percent of his health amount

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i like new game mode ideas but you posted this under item discussion it doesnt belong here