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Viegar level 3 ultimate not casting

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Senior Member



I've been having a problem with Viegar's ultimate Primordial Burst. Alot of the time (although not all the time) after training the third level of this ability I am unable to use it. Attempting to cast the spell causes Viegar to merely run at the target without any spell going off, even if he is well within range of the target.

I am not lagging (all other spells and movement work without any problems) nor am I stunned or silenced. The problem seems to go away after dying. (which happens pretty regularly when you run into a group of enemies after thinking you'd fired off a PB)


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Ad Victoriam



I've had this happen with Teemo, with his blind. Exact same situation, but I'd lean to call it lag-caused in my case as of late. Too many laggy games even after they fixed that one server...

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Associate Producer


We'll check it out. Thanks for posting! Ad Victoriam, how long have you been experiencing the lag. And when you say lag, are your referring to latency or framerate?