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Please Help Me...

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Don't give up. This game has a brutal learning curve, and you'll often have people on your team that have no idea what to do (ie. going for kill counts and worrying about kill steals instead of proper laning and winning the game).

Here's something that helped me out. You are probably putting yourself in a lot of situations you should not be in, and getting killed. What helped me (I've only been playing for a few weeks), was to choose someone I had no intention of attacking with (Soraka), and then trying to help my team as much as possible.

Since she has little to no offensive ability, you won't be tempted to charge in, guns blazing. Pick a lane with another hero at the start, and then you only have 2 objectives for a while: 1. stay near minions and keep getting xp and $$$, and 2. keep that other champion alive.

You'll learn to back off approaching enemy champions sooner rather than later, and this might help you play other champions better.

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Another thing to remember is communication. If you're in the middle of a fight, don't type...but here are some useful things to know about communication

1) MIA: Missing in action. I've seen this used in two ways. one is that there is a missing enemie in your (or someone's) lane. This is the time to be aware of a possible gank. If you and a partner are 2v2 in a lane, and 1 vanishes, type MIA south (assuming you're laning in the bottom lane/south). Also, I've seen this used in the case when a lane doesn't have a defender because they've died.

2) Gank: FYI, this just means a set up/ganging on killing a hero. When you hear a gank, either be sure you're part of it, or retreat back to a tower.

3) Don't go back to base often, but do it when you're low on health. When you do leave, make sure you let everyone know, especially a lane partner. If I'm laning alone, I ask for some backup to head back to base.