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[HOW-TO] Change your IN-GAME and PVP.net voice-overs

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Just get the .fsb of the language you want, put it in place of your original language .fsb, rename it correctly and play. Literally nothing else to get in game voices currently. Things change all the time though.

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Infinite Sustain



Is there anyway to change just the Runes back to English? I actually enjoy the Korean Champion names as well as the font, but I can't read the runes (which is important). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Edited from original post to work as of 11/16/13 - Release Files
This will provide new in-game VOs, but the in-game text will remain in English.

Windows Explorer
A code-editing application that isn’t MS Notepad (My personal choice is Notepad++, it’s free)
A backup of the .fev and .fsb you want to replace and want to replace with (we’ll cover this)
__________________________________________________ _[/CENTER]

First, let’s open up our League of Legends install folder.
Navigate to


and find locale.cfg.

Now you’ve probably seen this before – if not, it’s a simple file with one line that has the language you’re currently running. Change it to the language you want.

en_US: English
es_ES: Spanish
fr_FR: French
de_DE: German
it_IT: Italian
pl_PL: Polish
ko_KR: Korean
ro_RO: Romanian
el_GR: Greek
pt_BR: Brazilian Portugese

Change it to what you’d like, then close the file and open League of Legends. You’ll get an error that claims to have failed loading your choice on startup, but that’s ok – the game will check your install and automatically download it for you!
This also comes with the ingame text, but we won’t need that. So, instead of hitting Play and continuing, close your PVP.NET client. Re-open locale.cfg and change it back to your native language.

Now, back up in your folders to the top of your League of Legends install. Navigate now to:


And you’ll see folders such as “game_client_[region_code]”. You’ll see one for your native install and your newly downloaded localization. Open up your new localization (in my case, game_client_ko_KR) and then the “/managedfiles” folder. Look in each folder’s “/data” folder until you find one that says “Sounds” (hint: work from the newest version BACKWARDS). Once you do, go to


and you’ll see (in my case)


These files look scary, but they’re not. They have multiple purposes.
The *.fev file is a sort of “address book” that tells the game where to look in the *.fsb. The *.fsb is the actual sound bank, and it also contains its own file structure. I’ll get to that later. For now, copy ONLY THE *.FSB FILE to your clipboard and go back to the “/projects” folder.
From here, go to your native language’s folder (in my case, game_client_en_US), and find the folder with the matching *.fsb.
In my case, I believe it was /managedfiles/0.0.187/Data/Sounds/FMOD

and paste your new VO besides your native one. Take the time now to make a backup of the original *.fsb in case you screw it up.
Once you’ve done that, here’s where the real fun starts:
- Put your native language’s *.fsb in a new folder.
- Rename the new language file to your native language one (in my case, one file I am renaming “VOBank_kr_KR.fsb” to “VOBank_en_US.fsb”)
- Save and close.
- Open up League. Pop into a custom game, and wait. If the announcer welcomes you to Summoner’s Rift in a different language, it worked! If it’s silent, check your work; you probably made a typo.

Would it be possible for you to make a video on how to do this, cuz I'm a bit confused....sorry if i sound dumb. lol

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Originally Posted by Raptzchel
Howdy all, just wanted to let you all know that I've been able to get the ingame korean voices while keeping the english text. Here's how I did it:

Download the korean locale files as instructed in the original post.
Change your locale.cfg to locale=en_us
Copy the VOBank_ko_KR.fsb file from your korean files to your english ones.
Rename your current VOBank_en_US.fsb file.
Rename your VOBank_ko_KR.fsb file to VOBank_en_US.fsb.

This should allow you to have the ingame korean voice pack, while keeping the client in english. Let me know if it works for you all!

I would like to vouch this, this method CURRENTLY works as of 11/15/13. Switched my VOBank_en_US.fsb with the Korean file (VOBank_ko_KR.fsb) and rename the KOREAN file to (VOBank_en_US.fsb). I currently have the Korean voices to work in-game because of this. Thanks!

I can confirm this works as of the 4.1 Lunar Revel patch. Take ONLY the new language *.fsb file and rename it, but keep the English *.fev file alone.

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Alpha Mix

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I tried the method the original post suggests, couldn't do it. Double checked, then tried the korean tool in a different post, didn't work either.

At the end, I decided to replace the VOBank file ONLY and rename it, and it seems to work, keeping the original NA .fsb and not editing it in any way.

Are there any downsides to this?

I found a few select champions who are silent D:

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Same here. Worked with only replacing the VOBank_en_US file, however theres a few champs that don't have any voices(Zed,Yasuo are ones that i found) T.T

Thought it might be due to pathing in the .fev file so i changed some filepaths and thought it might work. No go though :/ . No idea why certain champ voice overs arn't working anymore.

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Anyone else struggling to get this working again with the new patch? I think this method was patched, since it's now automatically trying to fix 'corrupt files'.

Edit: Works, made a small mistake.

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Yasuo isn't working for me for Korean audio...

All I've ever had to do is switch the fsb (not the fev) files and it works fine.

Even Vel'Koz korean audio works fine but Yasuo is completely silent in game.

(Also, VelKoz's champ select korean audio still comes out as english even when changed, but his in game audio is korean).

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what is the new localization folder?

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Also regarding the new patch, it doesn't work if you replace both the .fev AND .fsb files. ONLY REPLACE THE FSB VOBANK. IF you replace both it does not work (at least for me). Just replace the .fsb and leave the .fev file alone and do not replace it. I just tested it out with the new patch today and it still works