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Team game is for solo?

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I have no idea where to post this to get the most views out of the community but since people love solo top so much in summoner's rift I guess this is as good a place as any.

If any of you have been here since there were only a handful of champions then you will understand that people broke off into lanes two top, one middle and two bottom. Obvious choice you might even be saying had you played dota prior to checking this game out. So then why now does everyone get so **** upset when someone doesnt go jungle and whine when they can't solo top? When picking teams they are already subjected to certain roles. Who is tank, support, carry etc. That almost cant be helped and i believe the idea was set up was that way from the start though. Lets just say summoner A picks an ad carry and locks in (also say they are not set for jungle) so that leaves your options limited for a solid team balance. You do have 4 other choices to consider but keep in mind people want a tank and ap. So now your are not any of those three in champion select, people now expect you to be jungle or support. You then break down and pick one of the two roles left even though you wanted to be an ad carry(or whatever). Now if you dont pick one of those two your team immediatly lays into you with omg noob, or some other random bs.

Jungle I thought was in there to be possible different way to play occasionally. It is now more of a must have especially with riot making more viable champion selections for jungling. I prefer to have someone with me in the lane as often as possible. It makes it harder to gank and roll over a lane completely all the while you can still get aggressive towards the enemy champions. Early lane champion fighting is always more exciting then sitting back and trading creeps to farm, i meant thats what the game is about. Last I checked this isnt farmville, which isnt a team game (obviously). Farming with solo, mid, jungle and bottom (while your support spins in a circle not touching creeps so that carry grabs them all) is boring. Is it clear to anyone else that playing this way dampens the fighting of champions until later in the game? Ive seen champions top solo for 25 minutes plus at times (sure the jungle also goes to gank at times) but that isnt what the developers keep saying they are trying to promote. They keep changing or modifying champions abilities to ensure a more fast paced action that is up in your face from the get go. I believe that is a good thing that is just completely countered by the jungle aspect. Sometimes having to trade off enemy kills with a death of your own keeps the game close and interesting instead of being steam rolled.

I must admit that im mostly speaking of pugs of 5v5 because that is what I end up playing - also often with one friend. But we cant lane together that much because of roles and lanes. Someone has to be top solo, which shortens it down to we can only go bottom. If we do that, it is if we must be ad carry and support because that is what people have come to expect. Which leads into one of the reasons I stopped playing ranked, of which i think is where all this proposed must lane here or there with this or that role of champion came from. The level of fun and experience of play when you must only do certain things because it is the best set up that the pros use drops dramatically. If you play pugs as well, flame wars will flare up incredibly fast when you dont go by 'the pros book'. Even worse im sure in ranked. Having to do particular things like that just seems plain ridiculous.

I dont really want to provide my own suggestions on how to improve this. I believe my thoughts would be terribly biased already, even one sided. I just wonder if anyone else has seen this and if they are concerned with it as well. The amount I play this game now is lessening and that just seems to be increasing as well. I guess if there is no more room for someone like me in this game, its just that, there is no more me (and subsequently the friends i play with) to fit in with this game. Being around since a couple weeks after launch this disheartens me and ill just have to stick with the occasional custom game or move on.